Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Travelling around the Philippines Made More Fun with M&M's

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 4 two hours ahead of our scheduled flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Thirty minutes before our flight, the airline announced the bad news that our flight would be delayed for an hour. Well, there's really nothing we can do about it right? I then grabbed a pack of M&M's from my bag and shared it with my friends. Happy hormones must have taken effect because the next thirty minutes was filled with laughter and totally happy moments with the guys. We were having super fun conversations that we didn't even notice our boarding announcement.

M&M Pasalubong Packs from Duty Free Philippines
As a child, I grew up receiving M&M's as pasalubong from our relatives in California. Christmas was always a special time for me because it is one of the very few occasions when I get to taste my favorite chocolate treats. I could still remember that we would go to Greenhills Shopping Center to buy M&M's from stores selling PX goods, and M&M's back then were considered luxury items.

4F NAIA Terminal 3 Departure Area

Things have changed now. M&M's are now more affordable and are widely available in the market. No longer considered as luxury, M&M's are now a common sight in supermarkets, 24/7 convenience stores and even in gasoline stations. But one thing remains, M&M's brings a youthful joy in us. Every bite of it brings back a lot of childhood memories, happy and fun memories.

It's really more fun travelling around the Philippines, and it's double the fun when we travel with a pack or two of M&M's. See you guys on the road!

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