Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vikings SM Megamall Independence Day Menu

Vikings Luxury Buffet, the country largest buffet restaurant, has been serving the Filipino public for four years now and still continue to do so by demonstrating the warm and hospitable Filipino service to its guests, and continuously pushing the standard of service by going the extra-mile.

Vikings Luxury Buffet takes pride of being a Filipino-owned company that delivers world class dining experience through its five-star food menu, luxurious ambience, and service straight from the heart. In line with its "Homegrown" campaign, Vikings Chefs have created a set of menu that will feature dishes from their respective home provinces and towns, dishes that are 100% “homegrown.”

There's no better occasion to showcase these homegrown dishes than the Philippine Independence Day. Different Vikings branches will have their own Independence Day menu. Here's a preview of Vikings SM Megamall's Independence Day Menu:

Lumpiang Ubod - During my high school days, I usually went with my Uncle to help him saw coconuts. I was wondering that time what’s with them going gaga over the coconuts. Then my Uncle asked my Aunt to cook it for us. She wrapped it with something white, which I didn’t know what it was that time. It was Lumpiang Ubod my Aunt said. And I loved it ever since. I keep making them because everybody likes it. - Chef Mike

Kuhol Cassoulet in Vol Au Vent - When I was a kid, I used to go to my Lola’s house in Gandara, Samar. She always cook Ginataang Kuhol every single time we went to visit her. Now, I want to incorporate this dish with what I’m good at, French cuisine. - Chef Bendo

Sisig Pizza - Sisig is one of the authentic dishes Philippines offer. It is also one of the first dishes I have learned to prepare and cook. As a tribute to the Philippine Independence Day, have decided to infuse this Filipino favorite to my line of cuisine, Italian cooking. - Chef Allan

Ginataang Pagi - We Bicolanos are known for using coconut and native chilis to almost all dishes. I chose this dish because it is simple but has a complexity in flavors. - Chef Anthony

Callos Manileña - Callos Manileña is a famous dish in our town. My family always prepare this especially when we have occasion and celebrations. - Chef Ian

Guinumis - I remember, every after school it was so hot and my mom will always make us this palamig for me and my siblings. It was not an ordinary palamig that you can see anywhere so when I got my first job as a Chef, my Chef told me that it was called Guinumis. I never stop making it ever since. 
- Chef Mike

Choco Pili Tart - Pili Tarts are my favorite since I was in kindergarten. My mom used to buy me this sweet delicacy especially when I’m blue and not in the mood to do anything. I love sweets especially with nuts on it that's why I chose to add chocolate to it to make it more sumptuous and pleasing to the palette. I love how the sweetness of the chocolate is combined with the crunchiness of the nuts. - Chef Paolo

Buchi con Yema - I have made so many kinds of Buchi since I started my job as a Chef. Now, I wanted to make something new for Vikings that would showcase both Chinese and Filipino cuisine. - Chef Jogat

Sayongsong - Sayongsong is a native from Surigao. This native dessert has a sentimental value to me since it was a part of my childhood. During my college days, we always go to this place to buy Sayongsong. It’s one of my favorite desserts. With a uniquely odd name, Sayongsong is best described as a light purple colored with soft textured sticky rice wrapped in a cone shape banana leaf with almost the same ingredients as Bohol’s sweet delicacy Calamay. - Chef Adam

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