New Bombay Royale | Venice Grand Canal Mall [NOW OPEN]

New Bombay Royale

Here's another great news to foodies. Finally, there is now an Indian Restaurant in McKinley Hill. New Bombay Royal recently opened at the ground floor of the famous Venice Grand Canal Mall. Fans of Indian cuisine as well as Indian nationals working or visiting McKinley Hill for business will definitely be pleased about this new restaurant opening. To add to that, New Bombay Royale is also serving Halal lamb and Halal chicken dishes.

New Bombay Royale
Chicken Biryani | New Bombay Royale
One of my favorite dishes from New Bombay Restaurant are their assortment of Biryani, so it is not surprising that Chicken Biryani was the first dish I ordered from the menu. Aside from chicken, they also have vegetarian, seafood and mutton biryani.

New Bombay Royale
Chicken Makhani | New Bombay Royale
Another favorite Indian dish of mine is the Chicken Makhani, or simply Butter Chicken. It has generous serving of chicken meat with lots of curry sauce. When ordering this dish, you can specify the level of spiciness from mild to medium to spicy. I prefer this dish with medium spiciness level.

New Bombay Royale
Buttered Naan | New Bombay Royale
We also ordered Buttered Naan which we paired with Palak Paneer which is made of chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a pureed spinach sauce flavored with various aromatic spices. Our favorite way of eating this dish pairing is to tear off a piece of the Buttered Naan and placing a piece of the paneer in the middle of the buttered naan, and eating it like a small taco.

New Bombay Royale
Palak Paneer | New Bombay Royale
I remember that whenever we have a colleague from India coming over in McKinley Hill for a business trip, it was always a struggle for them, and for us, to get hold of Indian food for them. We usually had to order via phone delivery which is very expensive and time consuming. Now, it will be a lot more convenient for our Indian guests to dine at New Bombay Royal. Employees in the area will also get the chance to explore a new cuisine.

Note: New Bombay Royale is currently on soft opening. Some items on the menu may not be available on your day of visit.

New Bombay Royale
G/F Venice Grand Canal Mall
Upper McKinley Hill Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

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