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Flight Review: Scoot Flight TR-2104 (Singapore to Bangkok)

Scoot is currently the low-cost airline with the most number of direct flights connecting Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand. This is following the merger of Tigerair into Scoot, with the merged entity now operating under a single Scoot brand. Scoot also offers the most affordable airfare for this route, making it the best airline of choice for holiday makers between the two countries.

After spending a few days in Singapore, I would then be traveling to Bangkok via Scoot. My flight, TR-2104, was scheduled to depart Singapore (SIG) at 12:35. I was at Changi Airport Terminal 2 exactly two hours before my flight and thankfully, the airport has self-service check-in kiosks which made checking-in really fast and convenient.

Here's how the self-service check-in kiosk look like. You can find them near the check-in counters. Instructions are available in English and other major Asian languages. They are very easy to use and steps are pretty straightforward, from selecting your airline, entering your booking details, selecting your destination and flight. Your boarding pass will be printed by the machine in no time.

Another cool thing about Changi Airport is the Automated Departure Immigration. This really eliminates the queue and saves travelers time. Unfortunately, it was prohibited to take photos in this area but the video above accurately summarizes the process. Immigration officers are on stand-by to assist you through this procedure.

I had heavy breakfast at the hotel before I went to the airport so this time, I skipped having lunch at the airport and went straight to our designated boarding gate. Boarding gate was opened 30 minutes before boarding where we had the final security check of our bags. Please note that all electronic devices should me removed from your bags before they go through the scanner so pack you cabin baggage wisely to prepare for this procedure.

One of the best things I like about Scoot is their 10 kilogram cabin baggage allowance for up to two pieces of baggage including a laptop bag or a handbag. That's a lot of extra space for your gadgets and last minute shopping at Changi Airport (spell: one kilogram of Bee Cheng Hiang).

This flight utilized an Airbus 320 aircraft which have a standard 28in seat pitch. Since I planned to have my lunch during the flight, I decided to book a preferred seat to enjoy and additional 30% legroom. Preferred seats are located on rows 1, 12 and 13 and are available for a minimal fee.

About 15 minutes into the flight, the captain switched off the fasten seat belt sign which prompted the cabin crew to start serving on-board meals. I was already starving since it was close to 1:00pm. Luckily I pre-ordered my meal online, and I was one of the first passengers who got to be served lunch. So if you intend to dine during your flight, I highly suggest that you pre-order your meals as well.

If you don't have a pre-ordered meal, you can still order your meals on-board. To find out what's available, you can check the Scoot Cafe menu inserted in the seat pocket in front of you. It's an extensive menu with choices of Singaporean, Asian and Western dishes. Sandwiches, pastries and light snacks are also available. Click here to browse the online menu.

I ordered the Nasi Lemak with Chicken and Fish Tofu as part of the Onboard Combo Meal which comes with a choice of canned soda or canned jasmine tea, plus a chocolate bar as dessert. The nasi lemak was served hot. It had generous serving of chicken and sambal.

In addition to the hard boiled egg, the this was made extra special with a portion of fish tofu which was a great alternative to otak-otak that usually accompanies this dish. The fried ikan bilis (anchovy) and the roasted peanuts were served in a separate container which is a good idea because they will lose their crispiness when exposed to steam.

I also enjoyed the canned jasmine green tea. It was lightly sweet and tasted very refreshing. Unfortunately, the Onboard Combo Meals are not served with zero sugar canned sodas, so this is your best alternative if you are staying away from too much sugar.

Compared to my Manila-Singapore Scoot flight (TR-2729), this flight was a bit shorter at only 2 hours 25 minutes. I spent the rest of my time reading through the SCOOT in-flight magazine. This feature on Jaipur really made me want to travel to India. In fact, as soon as I arrived in Bangkok, I quickly checked how much the airfares were, and I was surprised how affordable it was to fly to Jaipur via Scoot.

We safely at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok at 13:54 which six minutes ahead of our scheduled arrival. As always, I let all the passengers deplane while I stay behind to fill out the my arrival card. And if I am not in a hurry, and given the chance, I usually take a photo of the cabin crew. Here is the photo of our cabin crew in their brand new Scoot uniforms. Thank you guys for the quick chat!

This was my second time to fly with Scoot and so far, I have a very good impression of this airline. The aircraft cabin looks well maintained. The cabin crew was very accommodating and attentive. They communicate with a genuine smile and willingness to be of service. Most importantly, my flights arrived ahead of schedule.

What about Suvarnabhumi International Airport? It's definitely much better than Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila in terms of facilities, but the queue at the Immigration was really shocking. Well, it's the world's number 1 travel destination, and all Immigration counters were all manned, so in fairness, the airport authority can't be blamed here. I just notice that 90% of the people lining up at the ASEAN lane were non-ASEANs. I think there should be a process in place where ASEANs are prioritized in the ASEAN lane, while keeping it open for non-ASEANs if there were no queue.


  • Airline: Scoot 
  • Departs: 12:35 (GMT+8) | Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2 (Singapore)
  • Arrives: 14:00 (GMT+7) | Suvarnabhumi Airport, Terminal 1 (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Flight Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes
  • Aircraft Utilized: Airbus 320
  • Flight Frequency: Daily
  • Book now:

Scoot has six daily flights from Singapore to Bangkok, and six daily flights from Bangkok to Singapore.

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