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Flight Review: Scoot Flight TR-2729 (Manila to Singapore)

Tigerair and Scoot, the two low-cost airlines owned by Singapore Airlines, finally merged under the the Scoot brand effective July 25, 2017. This date also marks the official entry of Scoot into the Philippines. The consolidation was immediately visible at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 where the former Tigerair check-in counters are now replaced by Scoot.

Last July, I traveled to Singapore (SIG) and I was very excited because it was my first time to fly with Scoot. My flight, TR-2729 was scheduled to depart Manila (MNL) at 5:15am so I made sure that I was at the airport three hours in advance. Since I am a Philippine National traveling abroad, I was required by law to pay for the Philippine Travel Tax of PHP1,620 prior to departure. Payment counters were easily located next to the airport screening machines at the entrance.

Check-in counters 59-62 were assigned for my flight. All four counters were manned by the ground staff. The check-in process was quick and very efficient. I was travelling with only cabin baggage (hand-carry luggage) and I was happy to learn that passengers are allowed to bring in one piece of cabin baggage plus a laptop bag or a handbag with a combined weight not exceeding 10kg. This was good news to me because I normally travel with my laptop.

Going through immigration and final security screening of bags were also quick. I had enough time left to exchange some currencies and to have breakfast at one of the cafes inside the departure area. I was at our assigned boarding gate 30 minutes before our scheduled boarding time. It didn't take long until the ground staff announced that boarding would commence. It was done very orderly with passengers called to board based on their seat number. Kudos to the ground staff!

Scootees (Scoot cabin crew) in their new Scoot uniform

Boarding the aircraft was also painless. The flight crew assisted the passengers with their bags to lessen the traffic along the aisle. As soon as all the passengers were boarded, the flight crew conducted the aircraft safety demonstration and we were ready for take-off in no time. Our flight departed on schedule. Roughly 15 minutes into the flight, the pilot switched off the passenger seat belt sign. This prompted the flight crew to start serving on-board meals.

Scoot Cafe (in-flight food menu) & SCOOT (in-flight magazine)

I did not order a meal since I already had my breakfast at the airport. I quickly browsed through the SCOOT in-flight magazine to check-out the destinations that Scoot serves. It was a good read. I got a couple of travel tips which helped me plan for my trip to Vietnam and Indonesia. Scoot utilized an Airbus 320 aircraft for our flight. I am very used to flying in this type of aircraft so I really felt at ease. My seat offered just enough legroom for me to feel comfortable during the flight.

I didn't mention earlier that I went to the airport straight from my office. My work shift ended at 2:00am and this flight was technically bed time for me. I was asleep in almost the whole duration of the flight. It was generally a smooth flight with some occasional turbulence when we entered Malaysian airspace.

Tigerair aircraft (Changi Airport Terminal 2) will soon be repainted into Scoot livery

Around 8:00am, the captain made an announcement that we will soon arrive in Singapore. This meant that all passengers had to straighten up their seats, fasten their seat belt, open the window shades, and stow handbags under the seat. The cabin crew assisted the passengers during this procedure. We finally landed at Singapore Changi Airport at 8:25am which was 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled arrival.

All Scoot flights operate from Changi Airport Terminal 2. From our exit gate, it was a quite long walk towards immigration. Thankfully there were moving walkways from one end to another. Before reaching immigration, you would pass through a retail section with duty free shops and luxury brand boutiques. There are also restaurants located on the upper floor.

Immigration is located on the lower floor. If you are lucky, immigration process should be quick, but the queue could be very busy at times, such was the case when I arrived in Singapore. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait off the queue by eating first or do some duty free shopping. Baggage claim is located right after immigration.

Overall, I enjoyed my flight with Scoot. The ground crew and the flight crew were efficient and very attentive to the needs of the passengers. I had a comfortable seat and the flight was generally smooth. We left on time and arrived ahead of schedule. I also appreciate the 10 kilograms cabin baggage allowance, that's 3 kilograms more than most low-cost airlines would allow. I also got curious by the selection of on-board meals offered so I will make sure that I try one on my next flight with Scoot.


  • Airline: Scoot 
  • Departs: 05:15 (GMT+8) | Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 1 (Manila, Philippines)
  • Arrives: 08:55 (GMT+8) | Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2 (Singapore)
  • Flight Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes
  • Aircraft Utilized: Airbus 320
  • Flight Frequency: Daily
  • Book now:

Scoot has two daily flights from Manila to Singapore, and two daily flights from Singapore to Manila.

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