Baguio City: Tam-awan Village

A friend recommended that we visit Tam-awan Village in Baguio City. It was 7:00am when we decided to check out the place.

We were right on time for the opening of the village. After paying the Php50.00 entrance fee, we went up straight the stairs, eager to find out what the Tam-awan Village is all about.

Inside you will find Cordillera huts transported directly from Ifugao and Kalinga, arranged is such a way they replicate a traditional Cordillera village. This gives us a snapshot of Cordillera culture.

To complete the Cordillera community living experience, tourists can stay overnight in one of the huts.

Stepping inside the huts, guests are requested to remove their shoes/slippers.

Scattered around the village are these traditional rock sculptures.

If the Cordillera huts can't satisfy your cultural adventure, try the Tam-awan Cafe for a culinary exploration.

To complete this visit, we chose to try pinikpikan (Php250.00), a local dish in the Cordillera region. For Tagalogs, like me, it is comparable to tinola with a cloudy, creamy soup base. Pinikpikan is flavored with etag, a type of dried meat.

How we went there (and back)
It was quite a challenge to reach Tam-away Village as it is located outside the city center. It is best to take a taxi going here and will cost you above your average in-city taxi fare. It is even more difficult to get back to the city center as there are very few taxi passing by the area. We waited for about 20 minutes before an empty taxi passed by. I recommend hiring a taxi for a round-trip travel.

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