La Trinidad: Strawberry Fields

La Trinidad, the capital of the Province of Benguet situated north of Baguio City, is best known for its strawberry fields where you can pick fresh strawberries.

Field owners will charge you according to the total weight of strawberries you pick, which is usually more expensive than the readily available strawberries in markets. This is because you are not only paying for the strawberries, but also for the total experience of picking them yourself.

According to the farmers, best time to visit the strawberry fields is after 8:00am. This is to let the muddy soil dry under the morning sun. In our case, we went there at 6:30am. The fields were too muddy to step on, so we were not able to do our main objective, strawberry-picking.

Something new that we were able to try in the area was the strawberry-taho. It's our usual taho, but instead of arnibal (caramel), it has strawberry syrup and strawberry bits.

Souvenir shops also line the street beside the strawberry fields. Here's where I bought two neck scarves.

How we went there (and back)
The easiest way to reach the strawberry fields from Baguio City is by renting a taxi. Just tell the driver to bring you to the strawberry fields. Some drivers will charge you by the hour, some will charge you a fixed rate.

In our case, we took the Baguio-La Trinidad jeep stationed at the Baguio Center Mall (see yellow thumb-pin on the map below).

We asked the driver to drop us off by the strawberry fields. I paid Php7.25 for the 15-20 minute jeepney ride to La Trinidad. We got off at Magsaysay Avenue just right after the Benguet State University oval (see green thumb-pin on map below) and walked our way to the strawberry fields (see red thumb-pin on map below). To return to Baguio city proper, we took again the La Trinidad-Baguio jeep along Magsaysay Avenue. We got off across the Baguio Center Mall. Fare was Php7.25.

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