Gerona: Lunch at Isdaan

It's hard to miss Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac en route to Baguio City. We never had the chance to stop by, as we usually travel by bus going to Baguio. This time, we planned to have a road trip to Tarlac to try out what Isdaan is all about. I limited the info I read online about Isdaan to keep the excitement. All I knew was that Isdaan is a floating restaurant with a Thai-inspired theme. I also read that there is a wall where visitors can smash plates and glasses as a way to vent out anger or stress. That was just about it.

From San Fernando, Pampanga, we drove to Gerona via SCTEX and Luisita. It took us 1.5 hours to reach Isdaan. As we walk into Isdaan, the first thing we noticed were the massive Aztec-looking statues holding fishes. The restaurant is not actually floating in its real sense; rather, pools of water (6-feet deep) surround the huts. In the pools were fishes freely swimming around. Guests can ask the staff for pellets should they wish to feed the fishes.

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