Iloilo City: Afrique's (Smallville)

After a tiring day of road-tripping in southern Iloilo and Antique, we were back in Smallville starving and ready to feast for dinner. Afrique's was just the perfect place. They serve pizza, pasta and steak, and the serving size is good for sharing for two to three people. We ordered Sgt. Pepperoni Pizza (Php260.00), Pasta Italiana with Meatballs (Php130.00), and a pitcher of Cucumber Cooler (Php150.00).

We first tried Afrique's back in February 2011 and it was only now that I had the chance to write about Afrique's. It is a restaurant that I always recommend to friends in Manila visiting Iloilo, as Afrique's serves good food at available prices that is perfect for family or a group of friends.

Afrique's opened its branch in Smallville (Red Square area) in 2009.

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