Iloilo City: Peppy Thai Deli (Plazuela de Iloilo)

How could the Thai people afford Thai food if they are as expensive as they are in Manila? I always believe that Thai food shouldn't be expensive, especially here in Asia. Iloilo City's Peppy Thai Deli makes authentic Thai food that everyone can enjoy without spending a fortune.

Though the cuisine is definitely Thai, the restaurant set-up is very Pinoy. You look at the food display and point which ones you want to order, turo-turo style.

For dinner, my group (of three) ordered 3 pieces of Pandan Chicken (Php 40 each), 3 sticks of Thai Pork BBQ (Php 30 each), 1 serving of Red Beef Curry (Php 80 per serving), 3 cups of Plain Rice (Php 20 per cup), and 3 canned sodas (Php 30 each). Our total bill did not even reach Php 500.

Peppy Thai Deli openned its newest branch last January 2011 in Plazuela de Iloilo, a commercial complex located right beside SM City Iloilo. I will surely try their other dishes on my next visit.

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  1. So they transferred. I have tried Peppy's back in 2008, when their store is only open on lunch and dinner. How can one forget their melt-in-your-mouth dried pusit? :D

  2. Thanks for the comment. This is just a newly opened branch, they still do have their other branches. The dried pusit is something I have to try when I revisit Iloilo :-)