Passi City: Baye-Baye

Baye-Baye is an Ilonggo delicacy made of rice flour, sugar, coconut water and grated young coconut. It is similar to the espasol of Laguna, sans the toasted rice flour coating. I find it perfectly paired with hot coffee.

I bought two packs of Baye-Baye at the Passi City Central Bus Terminal, en route to Roxas City (Province of Capiz). Ilonggos claim that the town of Pavia produces the best Baye-Baye, something I have to check for myself on my next visit to Iloilo.

See complete photo album: Passi City, Iloilo: Baye-Baye (July 28, 2011)


  1. Sir Roxas City is the Capital of Capiz (North of Iloilo) while San Jose is the capital of Antique (Southbound). Thanks for your posts about Iloilo Sir! More power!

    1. Hi Antoine, thanks for noticing this very careless mistake in my post, Antique is now replaced with Capiz. Btw, I have just met your co-Iloilo Bloggers Jane and Tim while on a tour in General Santos. We are planning a reunion over Tabu-an Lunch. I hope you can join us :-)