Dipolog City: Dipolog Airport

DIPOLOG CITY, Zamboanga del Norte - Touchdown Dipolog Airport, our 16th airport destination in the Philippines and 4th in Mindanao. We arrived at 12:10pm, 20 minutes ahead of our scheduled arrival. Since we did not have checked-in baggage, it only took us 10 minutes to deplane and to exit the terminal building.

The domestic airport is pretty basic but efficient. It is also secured with two x-ray machines installed, one before the check-in counters and another one before the departure area. There is no baggage carousel though, so arriving visitors will have to pick-up their baggage in a designated section of the arrival hall.

What we find fascinating about the airport is not the building but the airport's location. The airstrip lies right beside the sea, parallel to the coastline. At the southern end of the airstrip is the mouth of Dipolog River. Seated at the window seat will surely offer an exhilarating experience during landing or take-off.

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 703 (Manila-Dipolog)

Airlines and Flight Services
Cebu Pacific
Manila-Dipolog (Flight 5J 703)
Dipolog-Manila (Flight 5J 704)
Cebu-Dipolog (Flight 5J 863)
Dipolog-Cebu (Flight 5J 864)
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Philippine Airlines
Manila-Dipolog (Flight PR 167)
Dipolog-Manila (Flight PR 168)
*Check Flight Schedules 

Transportation to and from Downtown

Tricycles are the common mode of transportation within Dipolog City. Outside the airport terminal building, there are tricycles lined up to transport passengers to downtown. Standard fare is Php30.00 per person. Some drivers will try to overcharge you by asking for a flag down rate or special trip rate equivalent to the passanger capacity of the tricycle. It is very important that you agree on the fare with the driver before boarding the tricycle. If tricycle drivers try to overcharge you, just politely say no and walk away. If you don't have much baggage, you can walk a little further (about 30 meters from the gate) and wait for passing tricycles. From downtown, the standard fare going to the airport is Php20.00-30.00 per person, depending on the point of origin.

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