Maximize your Philippine Airlines Domestic Unliflights Pass

In a press release dated August 1, 2012, Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced its latest promo, the Domestic Unliflights Pass (DUP). DUP-holders can enjoy unlimited flights to PAL's 19 domestic destinations for eight weeks (56 consecutive days).

The pass is sold at P7,100.00 (plus 12% VAT) for Fiesta/Economy Class and P27,100.00 (plus 12% VAT) for Mabuhay/Business Class for a limited period only: 1-8 August 2012. Valid travel period is eight weeks (56 consecutive days) between 8 August 2012 and 10 December 2012. The pass is not valid for travel on the following peak travel dates: 17-21 August 2012; 24-27 August 2012; 26 October-05 November; and 30 November-02 December 2012 (see calendar below).

The pass will not cover airline surcharges, government fees, terminal fees and taxes. A Ticketing Service Charge (TSC) of P100.00 (plus 12% VAT) will also be applied for every PAL ticket issuance. For a complete guide on terms and additional fees, check PAL's Domestic Unliflights Pass page.

Should you buy the Domestic Unliflights Pass?

Below are points which we hope could help you in making your decision:

Will I really save if I buy the pass?
The answer depends on how frequent you will travel. The pass will actually cover for your base fare, so the more frequent you travel, the cheaper the equivalent base fare (price of the pass divided by the number of flights) will become.

Let's say you purchased the pass for Fiesta/Economy Class (P7,952.00) and you only used it for four flights, the equivalent base fare will be P1,988.00 per flight (P7,952 / 4 flights). If you will travel round trip on all eight weekends, then the equivalent base fare will be P497.00 per flight (P7,952.00 / 16 flights). If you use the pass on all the 56 days and staying overnight in your destination, then the equivalent base fare will be P142.00 per flight (P7,952 / 56 flights). If you make day trips to Cebu for 56 consecutive days, the equivalent base fare will be P71.00 per flight (P9,752.00 / 112 flights).

If the equivalent base fare is cheaper than the usual base fare you buy, then you are saving money.One important thing you should keep in mind is that the base fare is not free.

When is the best time to travel?
Since the pass is only valid for 8 weeks, maximize it by scheduling your trips between 28 August 2012 and 25 October 2012, as it is during this period when your 8 weeks (56 consecutive days) will not be interrupted by peak travel dates (dates in red font).

I would probably just use the pass for weekend vacations, will it make sense for me to buy the pass?
It will make the most sense if you will maximize all your 8 weekends, the equivalent base fare will be P497.00 per flight (P7,952.00 / 16 flights). It will only not make sense if the equivalent base fare is more expensive than purchasing a ticket at regular price. You can use the chart below as a guide, showing the equivalent base fare for round trip flights per number of weekends:
8 weekends (16 flights): equivalent base fare = P497.00 per flight
7 weekends (14 flights): equivalent base fare = P568.00 per flight
6 weekends (12 flights): equivalent base fare = P662.67 per flight
5 weekends (10 flights): equivalent base fare = P795.20 per flight
4 weekends (8 flights): equivalent base fare = P994.00 per flight
3 weekends (6 flights): equivalent base fare = P1,325.33 per flight
2 weekends (4 flights): equivalent base fare = P1,988.00 per flight
1 weekend (2 flights): equivalent base fare = P3,976.00 per flight
What's the difference if I buy promo fares from a low-cost airline?
In its press release, PAL describes what are the benefits of flying with a full service airline like PAL:
Fiesta Class passengers enjoy free check-in baggage allowance, in-flight snacks or meals, exclusive amenities, more legroom and the opportunity to earn miles under the Mabuhay Miles frequent-flyer program.

Mabuhay Class passengers enjoy more premiums on the ground and inflight, including priority check-in and baggage handling, access to exclusive Mabuhay Lounges at major domestic airports, and gourmet meals, plush seats and all the amenities of the Mabuhay Class cabin. 

Philippine Airlines flies to 19 domestic destinations: Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, Laoag, Legazpi, Manila, Puerto Princesa, Roxas, Tacloban, Tagbilaran, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, and Zamboanga.

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