A Bountiful Breakfast in Masaganang Maitum

rice and fried flying fish bangsi typical breakfast in Maitum Sarangani

We started day-2 of SoCCSkSarGen Experience Tour 4.0 (SEx Tour 4.0) with a healthy breakfast at Cresing's Food Products, our host in the town of Maitum in the province of Sarangani. We were served a salad of edible fern (pako) and tomatoes, three variants of organically grown rice (brown, red and black rice), and fried marinated flying fish or locally called bangsi.

participants of SEx Tour 4.0 enjoying the breakfast

For refreshment our host introduced us to their favorite drink,  ice-cold guava juice. They also served us rice coffee made of roasted organically grown upland brown rice and sweetened with honey. For dessert, we were treated with a cup of ginataang bayabas, a classic Filipino comfort food made of guava cooked in coconut milk.

sweetened guava cooked in coconut milk a delicacy in Maitum Sarangani rice coffee with honey
(left) ginataang bayabas; (right) rice coffee with honey

The town of Maitum is rich in natural resources including forestland, rivers, vast shoreline and agricultural lands. It is no wonder that the people of Maitum is blessed with bountiful harvest both from the sea and from their farmlands. The abundance in Maitum is reflected in our breakfast

Cresing's Food Products brand name - Criselda's

Cresing's Food Products is a proud Maitum-based producer of organic agricultural products such as rice coffee, corn coffee, bagoong (shrimp paste), bangsi (marinated flying fish), honey and durian jam. Maraming salamat po Maam Beth Ramos.

Masaganang Maitum, which translates to Bountiful Maitum, is the town's tagline aiming to promote Maitum's abundant agricultural products.

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