Tinago Falls of Biliran

CAIBIRAN, Biliran - The tiny island province of Biliran is probably one of places in the Philippines with the highest concentration of waterfalls including Tigbao, Kasabangan, Casiawan, Tomalistis, Tinago, Ungale, Ulan-Ulan, Bagongbong, Pondol, Kinaraha, Busai and Recoletos, just to name a few.

Tinago Falls in particular is the most famous among Biliran's waterfalls. It got its name from the word tinago which translates to 'hidden' in English. This is probably because Tinago Falls is located in the interior of the island, up in the highlands of the town of Caibiran.

Located about 16km east of Biliran's capital town of Naval, Tinago Falls is accessible via a 30 minute habal-habal ride through the zigzag provincial road dissecting the island from the west (town of Naval) to the east (town of Caibiran). Enjoy the countryside scenery and cool mountain breeze. A cemented access road connects the view deck of Tinago Falls to the provincial road, making it the most developed and most accessible waterfalls on the island. A minimal entrance fee of P10.00 person will be collected at the view deck's entrance.

How to get there:

from Tacloban City
There are domestic flights from Manila, Cebu and Iloilo to Tacloban City. From Tacloban City, take a van (we recommend Van-Van Tours located at the corner of P. Burgos and Salazar Streets) bound for Naval (Php140.00 per person). Travel takes 2 hours. From Naval, take a tricycle to your choice of hotel (Php10.00 per person). Inquire with your hotel's staff for habal-habal drivers. We were charged a roundtrip rate of Php500.00 (gasoline already included).
How to get back

to Tacloban City
From your hotel, take a tricycle to the terminal of Van-Van Tours (Php10.00 per person). Take the van bound for Tacloban City (Php140.00 per person). Travel takes 2 hours.

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