Feng Shui for 2013 Year of the Water Snake

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MANILA - The Chinese New Year is fast approaching and the street of Ongpin in Binondo, Manila is again packed with Filipinos and Filipino-Chinese in search of lucky charms and home decors. The Chinese tradition of feng shui has become an integral part of most Filipinos' lives, especially in the area of architecture and business. Whenever we talk about feng shui, the first thing that would come to our mind is luck in terms of prosperity and money. This usually comes in form of lucky charms or enhancers used to attract wealth and even good health. This is true, but luck is only one of the aspects of feng shui.

In a lifestyle that involves a lot of risks, such as travel, another very important aspect of feng shui that should be given attention is protection. Protection is directed against negative energies, bad health or sickness, and ill intentions from other people. According to Mr. Johnson Chua, a feng shui expert based in Binondo, Manila, protection is even more important than enhancers. In fact, certain enhancers may be less effective or even useless without the correct protection.

consultation with Mr. Johnson Chua, a Feng Shui expert based  in Binondo, Manila
with Mr. Johnson Chua, Feng Shui expert based  in Binondo, Manila
We visited Mr. Chua's store in Binondo, Manila to seek advice for 2013, the year of the water snake. We asked him directly if it would be safe for us to travel this year. Ed and I were born in the year of the horse and sheep, respectively. The good news is, according to Mr. Chua, it is generally safe for both of us to travel this year. Yey! But here's the bad news, we should both take extra care of our health. According to Mr. Chua, individuals born in the year of the sheep should focus on their physical well-being while those born in the year of the horse should avoid stress to maintain mental well-being.

Nonetheless, we requested a protection that we can wear or carry around since we travel a lot. Mr. Chua recommended the dragon's eye. He opened a box full of amulets and we were asked to pick the amulet that appeals to us, the one the appears staring at us (see image on top).

I selected a brownish-green amulet to which Mr. Chua attached a lapis lazuli bead. According to him, blue is my lucky color and it serves as an enhancer to attract good health. Ed chose a black amulet. Mr. Chua then attached a hematite bead to it, also to enhance good health. He then blessed the amulets in a Tibetan singing bowl and asked us to pick our amulets from the bowl. We were instructed not to let anyone touch our amulets.

2013 Feng Shui for Travelers

According to Mr. Chua, travel safety may differ from person to person, but in general, it is safe to travel in the year of the water snake, except for the four conflicting animal signs:
Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Rooster, Dog

those born under these animal signs will encounter little problem while traveling; it is generally safe to travel but personal safety precautions is always advised
Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig

these four animal signs are in conflict (chong tai sue) with the water snake; those under these animal signs should be extra careful during travel; avoid confrontations or arguments

Like what most feng shui experts say, we should not depend solely on feng shui, it is only meant to guide and help us. Combined with the right protection and luck, prosperity may be achieved through hard work, good health through proper diet and exercise, and safety through personal precautions.

With this, we wish you all a prosperous, healthy and safe 2013, the year of the water snake.

For personal feng shui consultations, you may visit Mr. Chua's store in Binondo, Manila. See below:

Mr. Johnson Chua / Sunrise General Merchandise
803 Salazar St.corner Ongpin St. (same street as President Tea House, accross President Grand Palace)
Binondo, Manila
Telephone: 241-3963
Mobile: 0917-8533369
Email: jxnline@yahoo.com
Website: www.thedragonphoenix.com
Store Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-6:30pm


  1. year of the monkey ako... hehehehe! avoid confrontations or arguments daw... parang gusto ko din magpa consult kay Mr. Chua... :)

    1. Go Pinoy, mag consult ka na rin kay Mr. Chua bago pa mag Chinese New Year. Then tell us the specifics for your Chinese Zodiac :-)

  2. Mr. Chua was also the one who helped me with my bracelet last year. For me, it was really effective. I also like the fact that it was customized based on our birthdate & Chinese Zodiac. Btw, take care of your beads. Make sure to "bless" them in case you encounter any misfortunes. We also need to visit his store annually before the Chinese New Year cause it needs to be updated annually.

    1. Hi Tinakits, thanks for dropping by our blog. We actually do find our charms effective, fewer people now try to overcharge us whenever we travel. There were some attempts but we were able to easily agree on more acceptable rates. Thanks also for the added tips, we will keep those in mind :-)

  3. year of the Tiger - should be extra careful during travel; avoid confrontations or arguments. ^_^

    Gusto ko magpa-consult at bumili ng lucky charms! ^_^

    1. Check out their store and see if they have something to offer that suits your personal need. Very helpful naman si Mr. Chua and he really goes into the details of your personal Chinese zodiac and expectations for the year of the snake :-)

  4. Hi Ram. May I ask, how much is the feng shui reading with Mr. Chua? Thanks.

    1. It's best to ask them po kasi baka nag-iba na. I believe the contact numbers are the same pa din po :-)