Find, Discover and Share at Choose Philippines

Mark you calendars as Choose Philippines launches it new website on July 9, 2013. Last May, we got a sneak preview of Choose Philippines version 2 and we are very excited that you, our readers, get to experience this new website yourselves. We support Choose Philippines because we share the same advocacy, to promote the Philippines as a travel destination and to showcase to the world the beauty of our country. 

As Choose Philippines Travel Insiders, we travel around the Philippines and share with you our stories as we experience our diverse culture, sample our rich culinary specialties, celebrate and dance in our festivals, meet our fun and hospitable people, and marvel at the natural beauty of our country. There is indeed more than 7,107 reasons why we should Choose Philippines. Pinas Muna bago ang iba!  Join us in our countdown:

Find, Discover and Share on July 9, 2013


  1. We choose Philippines! Kudos to all of us! :)

  2. Thanks. Join ka na rin as Travel Insider ng Choose Philippines. ;-)

  3. ayun Oh galing :) congrats Pinas Muna :)