Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline is 180 meter high and is considered as one of the tallest ziplines in Asia. The zipline is located in an eco-tourism park developed by the provincial government of South Cotabato to promote tourism in the province. The main attraction of the park are Lake Sebu's seven interconnected waterfalls. What makes this zipline ride special is that the cables stretch over not one but four majestic waterfalls. Of all the zipline rides in the Philippines, we consider the Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline ride as the most scenic and breathtaking

Hikong Bente
Falls 1: Hikong Bente

Prior to the zipline ride, guests are encouraged to check out Hikong Bente, the first of the seven waterfalls. A footpath has been made to make the trek leisurely for the visitors. From here, you can already see how powerful the cascades are and it will give the visitors a preview of what to expect during the zipline ride.

Ram enjoying the zipline ride

Now let's go to the fun part. The zipline ride is divided into two legs. The first leg is 740 meters long, while the second leg is shorter at 420 meters.

The First Leg

Count five seconds right after you were released, and as soon as you are over the cliff, direct your sight to your right because you don't want to miss Hikong Bente, the second of the seven waterfalls, and the highest measuring at 70 feet. On a clear sunny day, you should be able to see a rainbow stretching over Hikong Bente.

Further down the zipline, from afar you can already hear the roaring sound of Hikong B'lebedHikong Lowig and Hikong K'foi, the third, fourth and fifth waterfalls, respectively. At first glance, these three waterfalls look like one giant waterfalls, but look closely and you will notice that Hikong B'lebed's plungepool overflows to create the short Hikong Lowig which then curves and flows downstream creating the bigger Hikong K'foi. Watch for the rainbow! The first leg will last for about 40-45 seconds. As you reach the end of the first leg, don't forget to smile as cameras are taking your photos. Digital or printed copies are available for purchase at the booth. If you want digital copies, don't forget to bring a thumbdrive. Below is our video of the first leg.

First Leg

The Second Leg

From the launch station, you can see Hikong Bente towering at the background will all its majesty. Right after you are launched, turn your sight to the left for a front-view angle of Hikong B'lebedHikong Lowig and Hikong K'foi. Here you can clearly see that these are three interconnected waterfalls flowing from one to another. The second leg will last for only 30 seconds and again, cameras will be taking your photo as you approach the end of the zipline. Below is our video of the second leg.   

Second Leg

South Cotabato is a very peaceful place and it is sad that Filipinos from Luzon, Visayas and even Mindanao avoid it because of misconceptions on security, safety, peace and order in the province. We can personally attest that South Cotabato is a very safe place, even safer than Metro Manila. The people are very hospitable and they really give importance in developing and sustaining tourism in their province.

On behalf of the people of the municipality of Lake Sebu and the province of South Cotabato, we invite you to visit the Seven Falls and experience the best zipline ride in the Philippines.

Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline Rates
Weekdays: P250.00/person
Weekends & Holidays: P300.00/person

How to get to Lake Sebu Seven Falls

General Santos City (Gensan) is the gateway to South Cotabato. Several airlines serve daily flights from various Philippine cities to Gensan. From Gensan airport, take a taxi to the Bulaong Bus Terminal (P350.00). Take a bus bound to Isulan, Tacurong or Marbel (Koronadal) all of which will make a stop at Marbel bus terminal (P83.00). Get off at Marbel and take a van bound for Lake Sebu (P75.00). Alternatively, you can make a cutting trip from Marbel by taking a bus to Surallah then taking a van to Lake Sebu. At Lake Sebu, the only way to get to the Seven Falls is by taking a habal-habal (P50.00 per person).

This trip happend on September 4, 2012 as part of the 5-day SoCCSkSarGen Experience Tour (SEx Tour 4.0), an annual blogger event organized by the brothers Avel Manansala of GenSan News Online Mag and Orman Manansala of Ganda Ever So Much, and members of the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers group. This event aims to promote tourism in SoCCSkSarGen Region.

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