Updated Price List of Good Shepherd Products (as of December 2015)

A trip to Baguio City will never be complete without bringing home Ube Jam, Strawberry Jam or Peanut Brittle from Good Shepherd. Throughout the years, these remains to be the top choice of pasalubong from the City of Pines.

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The Mountain Maid Training Center (MMTC) is the only authorized distributor of Good Shepherd products in Baguio City. To ensure freshness and quality of the products, make sure that you only by your Good Shepherd pasalubong at MMTC. They accept cash, debit cards and credit cards.

Below is the price list of Good Shepherd products sold at Mountain Maid Training Center. You can use this list as your reference for you next visit to Baguio City. But please note that items are subject to availability depending on production and demand, so some items may not be available during the time of your visit.

**newly added items

Best Sellers

Product Price
Peanut Brittle (370g) P 175.00
Peanut Brittle (500g) P 190.00
Peanut Brittle no Sugar Added (300g) P 190.00
Strawberry Jam - Whole Berries (12oz) P 220.00
Strawberry Jam - Whole Berries (8oz) P 150.00
Strawberry Jam - No Sugar (8oz) P 200.00
Strawberry Jelly - Plain Syrup (12oz) P 110.00
Strawberry Spread - Crushed Fruit (12oz) P 190.00
Ube Jam (12oz) P 200.00
Ube Jam (24oz) P 320.00

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Cookies & Candies

Product Price
Alfajor with Caramel Filling (340g) P 200.00
Angel Cookies Jar with Sugar (250g) P 170.00
Angel Cookies no Sugar Added (150g) P 170.00
Angel Cookies Pack with Sugar (170g) P 110.00
Butter Cookies Pack (100g) P 90.00
Butter Cookies Jar (200g) P 145.00
Cashew Brittle (330g) P 230.00
Cashew Crunch (250g) P 205.00
Choco Chips Oatmeal (250g) P 160.00
Choco Flakes no Sugar Added (65g/150g)) P 100.00 / P210.00 [NEW!]
Choco Flakes with Sugar (120g/220g) P 120.00 / P275.00 [NEW!]
Choco Wallnuts (no Sugar Added) P 130.00
Choco Wallnuts with Sugar (200g) P 215.00
Chocolate Crinkles (280g) P 170.00
Lengua de Gato (230g) P 175.00
Oatmeal Cookies Jar (200g) P 150.00
Oatmeal Cookies Pack (100g) P 90.00
Peanut Almond Cookies (170g) P 95.00
Peanut Crunch (370g) P 190.00
Santol Champoy (200g) P 115.00
Sesame Crunch with Peanut (250g) P 170.00
Sesame Strawberry Candy (150g) P 110.00
Snowballs (320g) P 190.00
Guyabano Candy (200g) P 235.00 [NEW!]
Sesame Guava Candy (150g) P 110.00 [NEW!]

Peanut Products

Product Price
Peanut Adobo Jar (450g) P 200.00
Peanut Adobo Jar (700g) not available
Peanut Adobo Jar (240g) P 120.00
Peanut Adobo Pack (300g) P 150.00
Peanut Adobo without Skin (250g) P 140.00
Plain Toasted Peanut Jar (240g) P 110.00
Plain Toasted Peanut Jar (700g) P 95.00
Plain Toasted Peanut Pack (300g) P 120.00

Jams & Pickles

Product Price
Blueberry Jam with Sugar (12oz) P 275.00
Guava Jam (12oz) P 190.00
Guava Jelly (8oz) P 160.00
Mango Jam (8oz) P 130.00
Mixed Pickles (24oz) P 250.00
Orange Marmalade (12oz) P 185.00
Peanut Butter (12oz) P 165.00
Pickled Relish (12oz) P 110.00
Pickled Sayote (24oz) P 195.00
Santol Preserve (12oz) P 175.00
Sayote Chutney (12oz) P 110.00
Sour Sweet Pickles (24oz) P 230.00
Guyabano Jam (8oz) P 160.00 [NEW!]
Orange Jelly (12oz) P 110.00 [NEW!]

How to get to Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd is located near the Mines View Park and is easily accessible by car or by taxi. Taxi fare is between P60-P100 depending on your point of origin.

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