Baguio City Mines View Park Rehabilitation

A more spacious Mines View Park now welcomes tourists to Baguio City after the voluntary dismantling of stalls by the vendors inside the park. The clearing of the stores is the first stage of the rehabilitation project of the park aimed at reviving the tourism industry in Baguio.

The bare concrete floors are where the souvenir vendors were originally located. They are now transferred to a 4-story multipurpose building constructed by the Baguio City Government outside the park. Zoom into the image below to see more details. You can use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the image. Press and hold the left mouse button to drag the image.

Part of the rehabilitation project is the fencing of the park, as well as the construction of additional comfort rooms and other park amenities. We see this as a good move by the city government led by Mayor Mauricio Domogan and we are happy that the vendors are supporting the initiative.

Here is the view of the park from the entrance. Gone are the days when the first thing that welcomes the tourists are stores upon stores of souvenir items and food. Visitors can now enjoy an unobstructed path leading to the viewing deck with more space to move around. There is now a designated exit path leading to the souvenir shops located outside the park.

Though the vendors are all gone, attractions such as the Saint Bernard dogs and the pink-haired horses are still inside the park. We think that the photo booths should be relocated as well, perhaps to the path leading to the exit. Horseback riding should then be an activity concentrated in Wright Park. We also suggest that the park management prohibit food and drinks inside the park so to maintain cleanliness in the area. Lastly, we hope that the city government remove the concrete floors and plant more pine trees and flowering plants inside the park, these are after all the main attractions of the city.

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