Simplé Lang at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

The Raintree Restaurants Group has successfully opened its newest restaurant located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. Simplé Lang is a new concept restaurant that showcases Filipino Food that is both simple and delicious. Simplé Lang is from the same creators of M Café, Kabila Filipino Bistro, Stella, Rocket Room, MOMO Café, Chelsea Grand Café, Terraz and Costa Pacifica's Beach House.

The restaurant's design features high ceiling and bold colors such as black and red, matched with simple yet elegant interior pieces. The restaurant has a second floor and has tables outside for those who prefer al fresco dining.

Update: May 1, 2014

We were in Makati last May 1 and decided to have dinner at Simple Lang to try their Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermellon (P395.00) which I was very intrigued about. Since I was a child, I have been a huge fan of Sinigang. Back in the 90's when my family went to La Union for summer vacation, our family friend served us sinigang na baboy sa pakwan (pork sinigang in watermellon) for lunch. Since then, I never tasted that version of sinigang again until recently.

Simple Lang's version uses crispy bagnet. The sourness was just right, just the way I want it. What's als cute is the reddish color of the soup. The dish has the usual sinigang veggies like labanos, sitaw, kamatis and kangkong. Plus of course, slices of watermellon or pakwan in Tagalog. I like the contrast of the sour sinigang soup and the sweet fruity taste of the watermellon. The crispy bagnet, on the other hand, adds more texture to the dish and also makes the soup more savory. The sinigang is actually good enough to be shared by two persons, and it was a good thing I ordered Rice all you can (P65.00) because there's so much bagnet and vegetables in there and I really love my sinigang with rice.

For dessert, we ordered the Simple Lang Halo-Halo (P175.00) which comes in a huge bowl. It has the standard halo-halo ingredients, plus melons. It also has two scoops of ice cream and topped with cream and cherry. The leche flan and the ube halaya were outstanding because they are very compact and rich in flavor.

Here are other dishes available at Simple Lang:

Platitos, Pulutan & Pica-Pica

Crispy Crablets (P275) with chili crab sauce & calamansi

Crispy Sisig in Lettuce Cups (P195.00) with crispy sotanghon and Hiosin peanut sauce

Fresh Lumpia Rolls (P95.00) with muscovado sauce, garlic & sesame peanut sprinkle

Breakfast, Merienda, Everyday, All Day

Simple Lang Bfast (P195.00) with choice of Mr. Jones Tapa, Longaniza, Dilis, Liempo, Daing na Bangus, Chicken Tocino, served with Garlic Rice, Fried Egg, Atchara, Tomato and Onion Salad

Crispy Palabok (P265.00) topped with bagnet, 
shrimp, tinapa bits and egg

Crispy Bagnet Salad (P150.00) KBL, okra, Thai basil with Balayan-calamansi dressing

Crispy Ukoy & Green Mango (P125.00) with wansoy, sitaw, and sweet calamansi patis vinaigrette

Tinapa't Tops (P175.00) kamote tops, kangkong, alugbati tops, tomatoes, red onions, salted egg dressing, and topped with tinapa bits


Mixed BBQ Plate (P595.00) chicken inasal (3 pcs), leg quarter, pork bbq (2 pcs), pusit (2 pcs)

Pork BBQ (3 pcs) (P195.00) 

Pork Dishes

Bagnet Espesyal (P295.00) KBL, sukang iloko, calamansi

Bina-Bet (P225.00)  binagoongan & pinakbet

Longaniza Tortang Talong "Pancake" (P150.00) with salted egg, tomato and onion salad

Sizzling Char-Grilled Liempo Dinuguan (P195.00) with chopped green sili & onions

Seafood Dishes

Foil Grilled Pla Pla (P250.00) with sinigang marinade, vegetabled and served in a steamboat

Seafood Kare Kare (P375.00) with fish, prawns, Manila clams, squid and homemade bagoong

Super Pla Pla (P295.00) fried tilapia with mustasa leaves and
ginisang buro

Grilled Stuffed Whole Bangus (P275.00) with green mango and tomato stuffing, and fresh calamansi

Chicken Dishes

Fried Chicen Pandan (P225.00) served with banana ketchup


Crispy Dried Shrimp & Sambal Kangkong (P130.00) 


Inasal Java Rice (P160.00) topped with chicken skin and inasal oil


Buko Pandan Pinipig Crush (P150.00) served with coconut cream

Mango Madness Crush (P175.00) with fresh mango, ice cream, custard & puree with sago and crushed ice

Turon Bites (P95.00) with saba, toasted sesame and condensed milk


left: Choc-Nut Milkshake (P150.00); right: Mango Sago (P150.00)

Simple Lang Menu

Simple Lang is open every day from 10:00am to 10:00pm. For inquiries, you may call (02) 621-6161, (02) 621-61-62 or visit Like them on Facebook

Disclaimer: Images without Pinas Muna watermark are used with permission from Raintree Restaurants Group.

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