Gubat, Sorsogon: a Surfing Destination in Bicol

Located on the east coast of the province of Sorsogon is the town of Gubat, Bicol's answer to the growing number of surfing destinations in the Philippines. Gubat faces the Pacific Ocean making it an all-year surfing haven for travellers who wish to learn how to surf. For the more experienced surfers, the months of October to March are the best time to visit Gubat. Surfing competitions happen in Gubat every October during the Gubat October Swellfest.

Last February 2014, we got the chance to visit Gubat and experience riding its waves. We took a flight from Manila to Legazpi and from there, we rode a van (P90.00) to Sorsogon City, the jump-off point to Gubat. From Sorsogon City, it's just a 45 minute jeepney ride (P25.00) to Gubat.

When we arrived in Gubat town proper, we were met by the Gubatnon for Adventourism (GUBAT Inc) team led by Mr. Noli Mercader. After a short briefing, off we went to Rizal Beach. GUBAT Inc flagged down a tricycle for our group (P70.00 per way).

Pinoy Adventurista riding the waves of Gubat

During our visit, the waves were perfect for beginners like us. One of the best thing about Gubat is that the floor of the beach is not rocky but sandy, making it very safe for first time surfers. We availed of the one hour surfing lesson which includes the use of surf boards and services of an instructor. During our visit, the lesson cost P300.00 but just recently, GUBAT Inc has lowered their rates to only P200.00 making it one of the most affordable surfing lessons in the Philippines.

You can stay in one of the resorts located along Rizal Beach or alternatively, you can stay in one of the hotels or lodges in Sorsogon City and just make a day visit to Gubat.

Here are some reminders and tips if you plan to visit Gubat:

1. You can contact GUBAT Inc via Mr. Noli Mercader at 0905-2421693.
2. Visits and surfing lessons must be coordinated first with GUBAT Inc prior to your arrival.
3. Check for the weather forecast with GUBAT Inc at least on week before you visit.
4. One hour surfing lesson costs P200.00 per board.
5. Don't forget to try the timitim, a local delicacy in Gubat.
6. Like GUBAT Inc on Facebook for updates on competitions and other events.

We wish to thank Mr. Noli Mercader and his team for making our visit to Gubat a successful one.


  1. I showed this to my friends, and now we're planning our next trip!
    Thanks for sharing this, Ramil :)

    ..and see you soon, Gubat!

  2. Thanks visit Gubat, Sorsogon
    Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp of Gubat, Inc.