NEW Restaurant in Kapitolyo: Avi

Avi Kapitolyo

Avi is new casual dining restaurant located at United Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. They specialize in pasta, steaks and stews and has a great selection of red and white wines. They combine family recipes and modern culinary techniques to create great dishes served in a homey setting.

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Avi Kapitolyo

Most of their recipes come from the family of Chef Kevin, one of the owners of the restaurant. A resident of Kapitolyo himself, Kevin comes from a family with a rich culinary heritage. They are Kapampangan that is why cooking is second nature to him.

Avi Kapitolyo

Avi is a Catalan word which means grandfather. The name is chosen by Dean, the restaurant's co-owner, who spent some time in Barcelona, Spain. This is the first restaurant venture of business partners Dean and Kevin. Both are passionate about food and it has always been their dream to open their own restaurant. They chose Kapitlyo as location of their restaurant for the simple reason that they are both Kapitolyo-residents. They recognize that Kapitolyo has become the premier dining destination in Pasig and they want to be part of that development.

Avi Kapitolyo

We visited Avi for a late lunch. Joining us are Dean and Kevin. We had a quick chat about their restaurant. We also shared travel and food trip stories. We really had a great company with the restaurant's owners over their equally great food. Here's what we had for lunch:

Avi Kapitolyo
Tita Terry's Tasty Tuna Tartate

For appetizer, we had Tita Terry's Tasty Tuna Tartare (P210). Tartare is a dish which originated from France which is traditionally served with chopped or minced raw beef served with tartar sauce. Modern versions of this dish use raw fish to replace the beef. Their tartare uses fresh tuna sashimi marinated in sesame oil and spices. They are then served with a topping of Japanese mayonnaise and chips on the side.

Avi Kapitolyo
Papa Rico's Paborito Chicken Pesto

We then tried two of their pasta dishes. First was Papa Rico's Paborito Chicken Pesto (P190.00). Avi use freshly made pesto sauce for this dish. The pesto sauce has the right amount of olive oil while the basil and nuts are well ground to create a fine pesto sauce consistency. This dish is then topped with slices of chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese. This dish has become Edgar's favorite.

Avi Kapitolyo
Seaside Samba Diablo Pasta

We then tried their Seaside Samba Diablo Pasta (P265.00). This pasta dish is a personal favorite of Kevin which he learned to cook during one of his trips in the US. Seafoods are sauteed in a flavorful and spicy marinara sauce and are poured over the noodles. A squeeze of lemon will help balance all the flavors. I fancy having this pasta with white wine. I give two thumbs to this pasta dish.

Avi Kapitolyo
Sous Vide Hanging Tender Steak

We then tried their best-selling steak, the Sous Vide Hanging Tender Steak (P310.00). Thin slices of this pepper crusted steak are served on a bed of mashed potato. A poached egg is also added to give creaminess to the potatoes. The steak slices are very tender and moist and is best paired with red wine.

Avi Kapitolyo
Lovers' Limerick Cheesecake Line

Finally, we concluded our lunch with the Lovers' Limerick Cheesecake Lime (P150.00) for dessert. We love the lime glaze of this cheesecake! Its sweet zesty flavor is the perfect way to end a savoury meal. You really have to try it!

Overall, Avi is a great place to have an intimate meal or a casual meeting over great food. The restaurant's cozy and homey ambiance slow down time, giving a relaxing, unhurried pace in your dining experience. It's the kind of comfort that only home style cooking can bring. Avi is truly your new home in Kapitolyo.

Avi Kapitolyo

Ground Floor, D Strip Building
20 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30am to 3:00pm & 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Contact: 0926-6485637
Twitter: @avikapitolyo
Instagram: @avi_kapitolyo

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