Restaurants near Avida Towers Prime Taft

Avida Land recently held a food tour for a couple of food bloggers and food enthusiasts, the Avida Food Hunt. Luckily Tim, my boyfriend, and I were invited to represent Pinas Muna. Chef JJ Yulo, the founder of Pinoy Eats World, along with DLSU Green Archers starting point guard, Thomas Torres, hosted the event where they toured us to different food joints around the vicinity of Avida Towers Prime Taft. Being a varsity player and a student at DLSU, Thomas gave quite a few in-sights of the places he and his colleagues usually hang out to eat.

Avida Towers Prime Taft is situated at Taft Avenue; close to a couple of prestigious universities in Makati and Pasay. That alone already becomes a hot spot for all individuals that would avail a unit and restaurants that offer delicious and affordable meals would definitely be top priority in everyone’s list. Before we had our food hunt around the area, we were given a quick tour of the rooms being offered to Avida customers.

The first restaurant we went to was the Black and White Cafeteria, located just a few steps away from Avida Towers Prime Taft. Upon entering the restaurant, it gave out a diner kind of feeling and we were welcomed by burgers served on rows of tables.

The burgers offered to us was called Burger & Bacon Extra Special, which is actually recommended by regular customers, and to enjoy it even more, burgers were paired with a glass of refreshing iced tea. The meals served at this joint cater for students and individuals who are on a tight budget but serves up a good and scrumptious meal.

Next stop, we already had to take the shuttle service to get there, as it was quite far to walk all the way coming from our first stop. It’s a Japanese restaurant called Nemoto and it has been in-operation for almost 20 years. They offer authentic Japanese cuisine and guess what? They served us sushi! One of our absolute favorites and all this time we were eating it the wrong way. We learned that the proper way of eating sushi, both for men and women, is to use your fingers. After dipping the fish side of the sushi into the sauce, the men can eat the whole sushi in one big bite, while ladies will have to take small bites of the sushi. Just remember, fish side down when dipping it on the sauce and use your fingers.

Rap’s Steakhouse was next on the itinerary. Need we say more? If you studied in La Salle, Rap’s is a must go to place to eat delicious and affordable steaks. Now, they have other branches, and in fact we are regular customers at their Ortigas branch. They are well known for their succulent porterhouse and T-bone steak but the talk of the town is their unlimited and overflowing gravy.

The fourth stop was the Agnos Food Court. Tim mentioned that back then, food vendors were just parked right at the streets and just before he graduated from DLSU, Agnos Food Court was conceptualized, with various concessionaires serving affordable food choices for students. Mini donuts, dimsums, fruit shakes and rice meals are some of the few food finds offered at Agnos Food Court.

At this stop, we played a game where everyone was given 120 pesos to spend, without us knowing the criteria on how to win the game. At first we thought, maybe the winner would be someone who could spend the least amount of money for something delicious, or probably a certain meal had to be purchased. Too bad none of our guesses was correct.

There were three categories: first was the fastest person to buy food around the stalls, second was the person who purchased a healthy meal, and lastly a person who bought a complete meal. I bought Mozzarella Potato Balls and a fruit shake. Tim had fried siomai, and a bar of chocolate and candy.

Last but not the least, we headed straight to Noriter Café. It is a Korean inspired coffee shop situated near DLSU and CSB. It's another favorite spot for students to hang out at. They have several nooks for groups that like a private place to hangout in. The food served are mainly pastries, bread and drinks great enough for peeps that would like to have some peace and quite while reading a book or work on their thesis and the like.

Overall, Tim and I absolutely enjoyed the tour. He reminisced about his college life while I daydreamed about the amazing places where Tim used to hangout at. It was also nice meeting other amazing bloggers who share the same passion for food.

For more information on Avida Towers Prime Taft and Avida’s condominiums in the Philippines, you can visit or call them at +63 (02) 848 5200 (within Metro Manila) and 1-800-10 848 5200 (outside Metro Manila).

Text and Photos by Precious Julianne Caparos & Timothy Jezreel Fernandez
Edited by Ramil Delos Reyes

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