NEW Restaurant in Kapitolyo: St. Patrick's Pub

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig

St. Patrick's is an Irish themed pub located at East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. They serve a wide range of local and international liquor, wine and beer brands. Like most modern Irish themed pubs, St. Patrick's also serves meals to its customers. Their dishes are inspired by the cuisine offered in Irish pubs in the US.

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St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Guinness is a world-renowned Irish beer brand

The pub officially opened in March 2014 making it one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo. Barely four months in operation, it has already become a favorite hangout place to Kapitolo locals. "We are marketing St. Patrick's as a neighborhood pub," says Ramon, one of the owners of the restaurant. "Some of our regulars would just walk a few blocks to our place to grab a bottle or two of their favorite beer," Ramon added.

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Smoking is allowed only on the second floor and on the streetside open area
St. Patrick's is housed in a two-storey building. The bar is located on the ground floor with a number of tables and chairs that can comfortably seat 20 to 30 guests. The space is well lit and air-conditioned with LCD TVs mounted on the walls showing live telecast of sports matches. Watching a boxing, basketball or football match is always better with your favorite beer paired with an excellent grub. Here are some of the house specialties and best-sellers of St. Patrick's:

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Spam Chips

Spam Chips (P160.00) are thinly sliced Spam which are seasoned and fried until super crispy. They are served with two dips: vinegar and tomato ketchup. I personally prefer the Spam chips with vinegar. I honestly wanted to have rice with these chips!

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Spam Fries

Spam Fries (P160.00) are Spam cut into strips, seasoned and fried until the crust is crispy. It is also served with vinegar and tomato ketchup. We prefer this one with ketchup.

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig

Poutine (P180.00) is a Canadian dish made of French fries dressed with gravy and topped with cheese and bacon bits. St. Patrick's version uses potato wedges doused with piping hot gravy and topped with melted mozzarella cheese and bacon bits.

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
The Rio Grande

The Rio Grande (P160.00) is a sandwich with a fried bacon-wrapped hotdog and topped with chili con carne, coleslaw and jalapenos. This sandwich is served with a side of potato chips. St. Patrick's uses high quality hotdogs in their sandwiches. I personally liked the chili con carne topping and would prefer it without the coleslaw. While the coleslaw balances the savory flavors of the hotdog, bacon and chili con carne, I think salsa dressing might be an interesting substitute. I'll give it a try on my next visit.

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips (P280.00) is an English meal consisting of battered fish with fried chips on the side. St. Patrick's uses a 2/3 pound fish fillet coated with their house beer batter. It is served with potato wedges and tartar sauce on the side. This huge serving is good for two persons or one person with an appetite of an Englishman. =)

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Taco Bites

Taco Bites (P180.00) consist of eight mini taco shells filled with spicy chili con carne and topped with salsa and molten cheese. If you love spicy food, you will surely ejoy this one. I enjoyed every of these tacos. I added a slice of jalapeno to one taco and I loved it even more!

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig
Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie (P250.00) is a British dish made with minced meat with a crust of mashed potato. St. Patrick's uses sauteed ground beef and cheesy mashed potato and baked for 20 minutes. This dish was traditionally called cottage pie in Britain. This is a complete meal in itself, and is now a favorite meal in Britain, Ireland and even Australia and New Zealand.

St. Patrick's Pub Kapitolyo Pasig

Among the dishes we tried, our top three choices are the Shepherd's Pie, the Spam Chips and the Taco Bites. Not only did these three dishes please our tastebuds, they are also relatively affordable considering the quality of the food and the serving size. If you are going out with your barkada for a drink, we recommend these three! They are good for sharing and best paired with your favorite local or international brand of beer.

Talking about driks, St. Patrick's has ongoing promos every day of the week.

  *Happy Hour (4:00pm-8:00pm everyday) buy 1 take one promo on local bottled beers
  *Black Jack Mondays (whole day Monday) 50% on Black Label or Jack Daniel
  *Irish Tuesdays (whole day Tuesday) P100.00 on Irish drinks
  *Girls Night Out (whole day Wednesday) buy 1 take 1 on cocktails and wine for the ladies
  *Thirsty Thursday (whole day Thursday) P100.00 on foreign beers of the day
  *Sunday Slowdown (whole day Sunday) 50% off on wines by the glass or bottle

Check out their menu for more food and drinks choices:

Food Menu (zoom in to see details)

Drinks Menu (zoom in to see details)

St. Patrick's Pub
24D East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Monday-Thurday 4:00pm-2:00am; Friday & Saturday 4:00pm-3:00am; Sunday 4:00pm-1:00am
Contact Number: (02) 654-4881
Instagram: @StPatricksPub

How to get there
Enter the main gate of Kapitolyo from the roundabout along Shaw Blvd. onto West Capitol Drive. Turn left onto East Capitol Drive. St. Patrick's Pub is located on the right side of the road after the corner of San Rafael Street. Just look for their signage you won't miss them. (see green line on the map)

Disclaimer: Food and drinks featured on this article are provided by St. Patrick's Pub for photoshoot and sampling purposes only. Opinion about their place and food are ours and are based on our personal taste.


  1. Tried this bar already, great food, good prices, and most importantly the bar and the toilet was very clean and well kept!

  2. i will definitely check it out !