Bega Falls in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur

Bega Falls is located in Barangay Mabuhay in the town of Prosperidad, the capital of Agusan del Sur province, Philippines. Legend has it that a beautiful diwata (~ fairy) seduces men and lures them to the falls. Those who were enticed by the diwata were never again found. The falls got its name from the Visayan word biga which means to flirt in English. Whether the legend were true or not, anyone who sees this falls will definitely be charmed by its beauty.

How to get to Bega Falls

Jump-off point to Bega Falls is the Awa Junction (see green pin on the map above) of Maharlika Hiway, located in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur province. If you are coming from Butuan City, you can take a bus bound for Davao and tell the driver to drop you off at Awa Junction in Prosperidad. From Butuan, Prosperidad is the town right after Bayugan City. If you are coming from Davao City, you can take a bus bound for Butuan City and tell the conductor to drop you off at Awa Junction in Prosperidad. From Davao, Prosperidad is the town right after San Fancisco (San Franz).

foggy road going to Barangay Mabuhay

The only transportation option to reach Bega Falls is the habal-habal, a single motorcycle. There's a habal-habal terminal at Awa Junction. Approach the drivers and tell them that you wish to go to Bega Falls in Barangay Mabuhay. Fare as of October 2014 is P100.00 per person per way, or P200.00 per person for a return trip. We suggest that you hire the habal-habal for a return trip. The driver will wait for you at the access road to the falls. Please don't forget to add a tip for the driver for his waiting time.

signage at the provincial highway going to Bega Falls

A rough road serves as an access to Barangay Mabuhay from the provincial highway. Since Bega Falls is now a priority tourism project of Prosperidad town, so you will notice that portions of the access road are now cemented.

Barangay Mabuhay

All visitors are required to register at the Barangay Hall, where you will also have a chance to meet the Barangay Chairman. During weekends, visitor registration is at the Chairman's house, located a few blocks away from the Barangay Hall. The Barangay Council passed a resolution that requires visitors to hire a local guide from Barangay Mabuhay when visiting Bega Falls. The familiarity of a local guide with the terrain of the area will ensure the visitor's safety. As of October 2014, Guide Fee is P20.00 per visitor. If you are a group, we suggest that you hire one guide for every two persons.

access road going to Bega Falls

From the Barangay Hall, it's another 10-15 minutes habal-habal ride to reach the access point going to Bega Falls. From the access road, you will need to hike in the woods going to the falls. 

hiking in the woods going to Bega Falls

From the access road, it is a descending hike going to Bega Falls. We suggest that you wear hiking shoes. If you don't have a hiking shoes, you can also use heavy duty sandals or slippers, but the hike will be more challenging.

local guides going to Bega Falls

Some portions of the footpath are rocky, while some are muddy, so be extra careful. Your guide will be there to assist you. Oh, and don't forget to bring bottled water. The hike will take you 30 minutes or more, depending on your pace.

muddy steps

Bega Falls has four tiers or levels. Bega Falls Tier-4 is located further downstream and is accessible through a more challenging path. During our visit, we skipped Tier-4 to save on time. Bega Falls Tier-3 features a mini waterfalls and a shallow pool of water. It's a great place to take a short break from hiking. If you feel like taking a dip, go ahead but don't spend too much time here because there's really more to see.

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
Bega Falls Tier-3

From Tier-3, it's an ascending hike going to Tier-2 and Tier-1. From here, the hike gets more challenging. The path gets muddier, and the steps get steeper. Take your time and let your guide assist you.

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
more of Bega Falls Tier-3

Bega Falls Tier-2 is visible from the footpath. It can be reached but I find it very challenging for me. Just like Tier-3, Tier-2 also feature a mini waterfalls with a pool of water.

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
first glimpse of Bega Falls Tier-2

Along the way you will see more smaller waterfalls that feed water to the main Tier-2 waterfalls. This one really looks inviting. It's like a landscaped waterfalls you see in park, but this is all natural!

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
part of Tier-2

Finally, we reach the main waterfalls, Bega Falls Tier-1 in its full majesty! We were blessed with a great sunny weather that morning. It was such a feast to the eye to watch the waterfalls glistening in the morning sunlight. The roaring sound of the waterfalls was overwhelming, but the calm stream of water will surely relax every nerve in your body.

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
the main waterfalls: Bega Falls Tier-1

Do you see how clear the pool is? Its cold water will cure your tired legs and will take away your exhaustion. We were not expecting that swimming will be part of that visit, so we did not bring extra clothes. But who cares if we get wet! So we swam in our shorts for minutes just enjoying the scenic beauty of the place.

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur
clear water of the pool

Visiting Bega Falls is so worth it! Forget the tiring habal-habal ride, and the long hike to the falls and back. It's not everyday and not everywhere you can find a waterfalls as pristine and as beautiful as Bega Falls.

habal-habal ride going back to Awa Junction

Salamatay! Thank You! Agusan del Sur for this wonderful experience. On behalf of the people of Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur, we invite you to come and visit Bega Falls and see for yourself how beautiful this place is.

with the habal-habal driver

Bega Falls in Prosperidad Agusan del Sur

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