NEW Restaurant in Kapitolyo: Crepeman Cafe

Crepeman Cafe is a crêperie or a specialty restaurant serving crepes that recently opened in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. I remember back in the late 90's when crepes started to become an edible trend, but back then, flavors are only limited to blueberry, strawberry, mangoes and choco-banana. Now, crepes are a common offering in many restaurants around the Philippines. But what makes Crepeman Cafe's crepes different?

Sweet Crepes vs Savory Crepes

Crepeman serves both sweet crepes and savory crepes. Most Filipinos are familiar with the sweet crepe variant as breakfast or snack, or even as dessert. Unknown to many, crepes also have a savory version which uses savory fillings like meat, hams and cheeses. I didn't develop the liking to savory crepes because I didn't like the combination of a sweet crepe and a savory filling. Traditionally, different crepe batters are used in making sweet crepes and savory crepes. This is where many crêperies in the Philippines are doing it wrong, by using the sweet crepe batter in making savory crepes, resulting to a very unpalatable combination of flavors.

Porky's Bacon Crepe

Crepeman's secret lies on their crepe batter. They were able to develop a batter that will complement both sweet and savory fillings. With that I was convinced to give their savory crepe a try. We had the Porky's Bacon Crepe which has bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, corn and pepper seasoning. It was amazing! The crepe did not clash with the super savory combination of filling. Crepeman made us fall in love with savory crepes for the first time.

Blueberry Crepe

We then tried a classic sweet crepe flavor, the Blueberry Crepe which has cream cheese, blueberry preserves, crushed grahams and cream. This one is like eating a cross between a blueberry cheesecake and a blueberry crepe. A delightful treat to our sweet tooth.

Dental Floss Crepe

We also tried the Dental Floss, another savory crepe filled with pork floss, egg, quickmelt cheese and lettuce. Eating a whole savory crepe is really filling. It's a complete meal in itself and is a great lunch or dinner alternative to our usual rice meals. If you are on the go and are looking for a quick meal, then a savory crepe might be an option.

What's also unique about their crepes is the way they are served. Traditionally, crepes are served on a plate and should be eaten with fork. Crepeman made their crepe extra thick and cooked until slightly crispy, so that they can be folded into a triangle and eaten like a burrito. 


Avocado Shake

They also have a variety of drinks to choose from. Whether you are a coffee or frappe lover or craving for fruit shake, milkshakes or smoothies, there is something one the menu that will suit your taste.

Crepeman Cafe has really changed the way we look at crepe. Thank you very much Crepeman for making us huge fans of savory crepes!

Crepeman Cafe
San Rafael Street corner 1st Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 12:00mn; Saturday to Sunday 10:00am to 12:00mn
Instagram: @CrepemanPH

Disclaimer: Dishes featured on this article were provided by the restaurant for photo shoot and food sampling purposes only. Opinion on the their food is our and is based on our personal experience and taste.

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