Baguio Bus Ticket Online Booking

Baguio Bus Ticket Online Booking

Did you know that it is now possible to book a bus ticket going to Baguio online, in the same way that you would book a flight ticket through the Internet? In the old times, you would need to physically go to the bus station to purchase your bus tickets in advance. Considering the heavy traffic in the areas where most bus stations are located, buying a bus ticket is too much of a hassle.

Baguio Bus Ticket Online Booking is an online tool developed by Pixillusion Technologies, a Filipino-owned IT solutions company, that allows passengers to book their bus tickets to Baguio and back to Manila through the internet. iWantSeats is virtually a 24/7 online bus ticketing system, so you can book your bus tickets at any time of the day or night at the safety and convenience of your house or office. Since it is an online ticketing system, you can book both a Manila-Baguio ticket and a Baguio-Manila ticket anywhere you are. You can also book a ticket on behalf for a freind or a relative.

For Baguio, iWantSeats currently serves ticketing for trips operated by Genesis Transport Inc utilizing the JoyBus (Deluxe Bus), which has terminals in Pasay, Cubao and Avenida. Payments can be made online via Dragonpay or over-the-counter bank deposits at any BDO, UnionBank and BPI branches nationwide.

Baguio Bus Ticket Online Booking

Upon successful booking of tickets, your E-Tickets will be emailed to you by iWantSeats which you will need to print out and present to the conductor together with your ID upon boarding the bus. The e-ticket has security features that need to be verified by the dispatcher based on the manifest submitted by iWantSeats to the bus company. So it is impossible to fake such e-tickets.

7 Reasons why you should book via

1. Convenient - no need to waste time and money going to the bus station and waiting in long lines just to buy tickets, the system is available 24/7 so you can book tickets anytime and anywhere

2. Flexible System - you can book one-way or round trip tickets, you can book tickets for yourself or a group, you can also book a ticket on behalf of another person like your spouse, child or friend

3. Easy Payment - secured online payment via DragonPay is available, over-the-counter cash payment is also accepted at BDO, UnionBank and BPI branches

4. Free Seat Selection - upon booking you can already choose your seats at absolutely no extra fee, so you can be seated next to your travel companion or next to the window

5. Affordable Fee - iWantSeats only charges a minimal booking fee of P25.00 per ticket on top of the actual fare, compared to the transportation expenses (jeep, bus, taxi) that you will incur when physically buying the tickets at the bus terminal in advance

6. Certainty - you are no longer a chance passenger, you can plan ahead and take charge of your schedule, no need to be at the terminal hours ahead of the trip just to make sure that you get tickets

7. Security - no one else can take your seat because your e-ticket has your name (while a paper ticket does not), you are personally accounted for in the trip because the manifest lists down your name

How to book your Baguio bus tickets online

Step 1: Click on REGISTER HERE to create an account at

Step 2: Fill-out the registration form with your personal details, then click on REGISTER.

Step 3: Once your account is successfully created, you will be directed to the booking page logged-in as you.

Step 4: Under "Choose Origin" select the location of the terminal/station where you will board the bus. If you are coming from Metro Manila and traveling to Baguio, you can choose Avenida, Cubao or Pasay as your origin. Otherwise, if you are coming from Baguio and traveling back to Metro Manila, please choose Baguio as your origin.

Step 5: Under "Choose Destination" select Baguio if your are traveling from Metro Manila going to Baguio. If you are coming from Baguio and traveling back to Metro Manila, you can choose one of the drop-off points at Avenida, Cubao, Resorts World or Pasay.

Step 6: Under "Date of Trip" select the exact date of your departure from your place of origin.

Step 7: Under "Number of Seats" please select 1 if you are traveling alone. You can also book for a group by selecting the total number of passengers.

Step 8: Click on "Show Trips" to display the schedules of available trips on the Date of Trip you specified.

Step 9: Review the list of schedules and choose your desired time of Departure Time. Click on RESERVE on the same line as your desired trip schedule. In the example below, we chose the trip leaving Cubao at 4:00am.

Step 10: If you are traveling alone, you will be the default passenger listed. If you are booking tickets for a group, you will have to add the details of the other passengers in your group by clicking on the [+] sign.

Step 11: Fill-in the passenger details then click SAVE. Click on the [+] sign again and repeat the steps for every passenger in your group.

Step 12: Review the summary to check if all passenger details entered are accurate.

*For corrections, just click on the [X] on the same line as the passenger name and repeat Steps 10 & 11.
*If you are booking for someone else, click on EXCLUDE ME found on the same line as your name, then do Steps 10 & 11 to enter the details of the passenger.
*If you are booking tickets for a group that does not include you, click on EXCLUDE ME then do Steps 10 & for every passenger in the group.

Finally, click on NEXT STEP to proceed.

Step 13: Select the seat for you and for your travelling companions by simply dragging the passenger icon and dropping it to the desired seat number. There is no additional fee for seat selection.

Step 14: Review your seat assignments then click NEXT STEP to proceed.

Step 15: Review your trip details then click NEXT STEP to proceed to payment. If you wish to make corrections, just click on GO BACK.

Step 16: You have two options of payment.

Over-the Counter
You can pay via over-the-counter bank deposit at any BDO, UnionBank or BPI branches. Just take note of the instructions specified for your choice of bank. Instructions include the process of verifying your payment with iWantSeats. Click DONE to finish

Online via DragonPay
Choose "Pay Online via DragonPay" and you will be asked to select your bank (with which you have an online banking account). Just follow the instructions on how to proceed with the online payment.

Step 17: Check the details of Your Booking History for the status of your booking. Here are some reminders:

*Over-the-Counter Payments: You only have 48 hours from the time of booking to deposit the payment and notify iWantSeats of your payment. Upon verification of your payment by iWantSeats, your electronic tickets will be emailed to you. If the 48 hours lapses, your reservation will be automatically cancelled to make the seats available for other passengers.

*Online Payment via DragonPay: After successful payment via DragonPay, your payment will be verified within a few minutes and your booking will be confirmed by iWantSeats. An email will be sent to you containing your electronic tickets.

Great News for Bus Operators in the Philippines!

If you are a bus operator who wants to offer true online booking service to your customers without having to invest on your own IT infrastructure, system maintenance and in-house technical support, you can call Pixillusion Technologies at +63 (02) 718-0497 or 531-0274 to discuss how iWantSeats can help you grow and modernize your business.

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