Travel Essentials: Skin Care for the Active Traveler

Island hopping, surfing, swimming, beach bumming, trekking and mountain climbing, as well as joining festivals, street dances, food trips, photo-walks and sightseeing, are just some of the fun activities that we experienced during the first four years of our travels around the Philippines. The outdoors are truly more fun in the Philippines.

It's important to remember though that these outdoor activities expose us to dirt, pollution and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause both short-term and long-term skin damage. Being active travelers, we realized that we have been neglecting our skin by engaging in outdoor activities without adequate skin protection at the least. That's why starting this year, we will be including these three skin care products in our travel essentials.

Blaise Black Diamond Soap

Skin care starts with proper cleansing. Blaise Black Diamond Soap is a soap specially formulated for men's skin. Its active ingredient, Activated Bamboo Charcoal (known in Asia as the Black Diamond) absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities and other harmful substances. It also acts as a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells.

Opening the box reveals a black colored soap sealed in a translucent plastic wrapper. Black isn't the most attractive color for a soap, especially the kind that you would use on your face. But once you rub the soap in your hand with water, it will form a white lather. I also love its light chamomile scent.

There's no instruction on the box on how to use the soap, so I started by wetting my face with lukewarm water and applying the soap lather, first on my cheeks, then around the corners of my nose, and then on my forehead and finally on my jaw and neck. In a light circular motion I rubbed the lather on my skin to dissolve all the dirt and oil on my face. I then rinsed my face with lukewarm water to remove all soap and dirt substance. Finally, I pat my face dry with clean towel.

My face really felt clean after washing it with Blaise Black Diamond Soap. The soap was gentle to the skin, not leaving it too dry. It's also good in exfoliating dead skin on the face leaving it feeling tighter. It's a perfect travel companion because: it removes dust and impurities that can block the pores of the skin after a day's traveling on the road; it eliminates the building up of dead skin cells on the face that may lead to acne and uneven complexion; it doesn't dry the skin so it can be used in the morning and in the evening; and, cutting a small piece of the soap makes it very portable when traveling.


Blaise Toner

Toning is the next step to cleansing. Men usually stop at washing their face with soap. Unfortunately, washing alone with soap does not remove all excess oil and dead skin cells. Baise Toner does not only do that, it also lightens the skin, reduces pimples and acne scars. It also tightens the skin by making your pores smaller, preventing premature aging of the skin and reducing wrinkles. It also controls oil on your face stopping it from looking greasy.

What I like the most is that Blaise Toner is designed for men so that it can be applied on the skin without having to use cotton balls. Two to three pumps of spray on your fingers, and you are ready to apply the toner on your face. You can also spray directly on your face and use your fingers to spread it on your face and neck. The 100ml container is perfect for travel because it does not use up too much space inside the bag.

Nisce Superblock SPF 80

Protecting the skin against sun damage is the most important aspect of skin care. It's the harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause severe damage to the skin, including skin cancer. Unfortunately, protecting the skin is something we haven't been taking seriously since we started traveling around the country in 2010. We are in our mid 30's now and sooner or later, we will start seeing the damages that outdoor activities might have already caused to our skin. So a sunblock such as the Nisce Superblock SPF80 will now be a travel essential that you would see in our luggage.  


Clockwise from upper left: (1) apply ample amount on the skin, (2) spread evenly on skin in circular motion, (3) let the skin absorb the sunblock, (4) skin ready and protected against sun damage.

Remember to apply sunblock on all parts of the body exposed to sunlight, including your ears. As a general rule, application of sunblock should be done 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Although Nisce Superblock SPF80 is waterproof, you should re-apply every two hours when swimming or after excessive sweating or toweling. What I like the most about this product is that it doesn't leave your face greasy after application. At 50ml, this sunblock is very portable and fits our active travel lifestyle.

Filipino-Australian surfer, Luke Landrigan, is now active in teaching surfing in San Juan, La Union and is constantly exposed to the sun. Due to the nature of his profession, he is at high risk of serious skin damage, and only trusts Nisce Superblock SPF 80 for sun protection.


Blaise Black Diamond Soap, Blaise Toner and Nisce Superblock SPF 80 are available in all Nisce Skin 'n Face Branches: SM Megamall; SM Pampanga; SM Dasmarinas; SM Molino; SM Rosales; SM Baguio; Marquee Mall; Robinsons Otis; Ali Mall; CSI Mall La Union; Nepo Mall Dagupan; TN Building, Urdaneta City; SM Southmall; Solenad II; North Harbor Point, Subic

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