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Zuzuni Boutique Hotel is a 13-room hotel located on a prime beachfront property at Station 1 of Boracay Island, Philippines. Zuzuni Boracay features Mediterranean-inspired rooms matched with personalized service. The hotel promises a comfortable stay in a luxury setting at an affordable price.

It's our second stay at Zuzuni Boracay. Back in 2013, the hotel only had four rooms. The property then underwent massive expansion and renovation works and we were amazed by the transformation that happened to the hotel.

It was lunchtime when we arrived at D'Mall Boracay and we decided to have lunch first in a restaurant located at Station 3. As soon as we were done, we started walking all the way to Station 1. Not realizing that it's more than a kilometer walk, we were already exhausted when we finally reached Zuzuni.

Thankfully, checking-in at Zuzuni Boracay was hassle free. After handing a valid ID card to the front office receptionist, we were seated at the cafe and were served with welcome drinks. We were then asked to fill out the guest registration form, and soon after our room keys were given to us. It was a quick five minute process.

The hotel staff assisted us with our bags and showed us to our room located on the third floor. The walls of the stairwell was painted plain white while the steps were covered with wood vinyl tiles. The glass windows allow light and fresh air into the stairwell, and the high ceiling gives it a spacious and well ventilated interior.

We stayed at Room 6, a beachfront room with balcony and sea view. It's an air-conditioned room measuring ~20sqm. The bedroom also has the same white wall and wood accent theme, making the room look more spacious. The designers were able to maximize every square inch of the room by employing a functional design scheme.

Separating the room from the balcony is a floor to ceiling sliding glass door which allows natural light into the room. Guests can use the sheer curtains filter down the sunlight coming from the outside, while rolling the blinds gives the guests complete privacy inside the room.

Our room had a queen sized bed with senso-memory mattress topper. The pressure-relieving mattress ensured a super comfortable sleep. We also had layers upon layers of rectangle and square pillows which allowed us to customize the height of the pillow that will support our neck while sleeping.

To complete the relaxing sleep experience, our bed was topped with a fluffy duvet. Sleeping in a well air-conditioned room, on a comfortable bed, and under a fluffy duvet really made us feel relaxed and revitalized. We had an uninterrupted eight hour sleep during our stay at Zuzuni Boracay.

There's so much outdoor activities to do in Boracay, but if you are feeling lazy and just feel like relaxing at the comfort of your room, there's a 39" LED TV with cable channels that can keep you entertained. If you need to be connected, there's complimentary WiFi Internet access inside the rooms and at the restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.

Other room amenities include a mini-ref and safety deposit box. There's also enough power outlet where you can charge your phones and gadgets. The hotel has a back-up generator so there's power supply available 24 hours a day.

The ensuite bathroom has hot and cold shower. Water pressure is excellent considering our room is located on the third floor. The toilet is equipped with a bidet. Face towels, bath towels and foot towels were also provided. Complimentary toiletries include hand soap, body soap, shampoo, and two sets of toothbrush and toothpaste.

Located on the ground floor of Zuzuni Boracay is Cozina, an open dining restaurant specializing in authentic Spanish cuisine. The complimentary breakfast included in the room rate is served at Cozina where guests can choose among Continental, Spanish and Filipino breakfast meals.

Cozina has a modern Mediterranean design with wide open spaces, broad tables and casual chairs. Chill out lounge music playing on the background adds more modern feel into the Spanish restaurant, reminiscent of Spain's Ibiza.

The breakfast menu is uncomplicated and straightforward making it easier for guests to choose what's appealing to their taste. We ordered the Wagyu Beef Tapa and the Daing na Bangus.

The Wagyu Beef Tapa had a well balanced sweetness and saltiness, with the right garlicky flavor that we Filipinos love. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender to the bite with enough firmness to make every chew of the meat enjoyable. It is served with garlic fried rice and two eggs cooked either scrambled or sunny side, depending on your preference. The meal also comes with your choice of brewed coffee, fruit juice or tea.

The Daing na Bangus had a rather unfamiliar taste. It didn't have the usual garlicky-peppery taste I am familiar with. The meat is also crispy instead of the usually moist version served in Filipino restaurants. Dipping the fish into vinegar seasoned with garlic and black pepper somehow makes the taste a little bit familiar. It was nonetheless scrumptious. It is also served with garlic fried rice and two eggs. I also had my breakfast with brewed coffee.

Overall, we indeed had a lovely stay at Zuzuni Boracay. It has a great beachfront location near some of the best swimming spots on White Beach, with easy access to water activities. It is also a few steps away from restaurants, cafes and boutiques. D'Mall is just nearby. Most of all, we enjoyed our room, the privacy of staying in an uncrowded hotel, the relatively quiet surroundings, the comfortable bed where we spent hours sleeping, and the superb customer service. Everything combined creates a memorable Boracay experience.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel

Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Contact Numbers: +63 (0908) 862-0031 / +63 (0908) 893-9841 / +63 (036) 288-4477

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