Budget Accommodation in Manila: Junction Hostel Makati

Junction Hostel Makati is Manila's newest and hippest hostel offering budget accommodation with hotel quality beds, heated shower, and sociable living spaces. Located right at the middle of the vibrant city, Junction Hostel Makati promises a relaxing stay to savvy travelers.

Juction Hostel Makati is located a few blocks away from the main tourist area. The hostel is situated in a relatively quiet neighborhood that is within reasonable walking distance to where all the city action is happening. Two blocks away is P. Burgos Street lined with restaurants, bars and pubs offering both local and international cuisine. There's a 7-Eleven and a Ministop located nearby. There's also a number of Asian restaurants and neighborhood food stalls selling home-cooked meals.

Staying in a hostel is basically about saving money on accommodation. Saving a few dollars, euros or rubles can buy so many things in the Philippines, from a bus ticket, a taxi ride to the airport, from phone credits to laundry service, from a bottle or two of local beer to a decent breakfast. At the end of the day, all we need are a clean and comfortable bed and a decent shower.

With the growth of tourism in the Philippines comes the increasing demand for budget accommodation. In order to compete, hostels should be able to offer budget travelers with something beyond what they would expect in average hostels. These are small things that will keep them raving about a hostel wherever they travel, and these are the same things that will set a hostel apart from the rest. "Value for Money" is what today's budget travelers are looking for.

Junction Hostel Makati Rates
(as of February 2015)

Dormitories Published Rate
per person*
Rate per Person**
Coed 10-Bed Dorm P650.00 / US$14.69 P650.00 / US$14.69 [Book Now]
Coed 6-Bed Dorm P750.00 / US$16.95 P650.00 / US$14.69 [Book Now]
Coed 4-Bed Dorm P850.00 / US$19.21 P750.00 / US$16.95 [Book Now]
Ladies Only 4-Bed Dorm P850.00 / US$19.21 P800.00 / US$18.08 [Book Now]
Coed 3-Bed Dorm P850.00 / US$19.21 not available
Private Queen/Twin Room** P1,800.00 / US$40.68 P1,700.00 / US$38.41 [Book Now]
*US$ conversion from PHP may vary depending on prevailing currency exchange
**Private Rooms can accommodate up to two persons, rate is per room per night

Rates at Junction Hostel Makati start at PHP650.00 (US$14.69) per person per night in a 10-bed dormitory. Smaller dormitories will have a lightly higher rate since less people are sharing the same room, but if you book via agoda.com you can save up to PHP100.00 (US$2.25) per night. All rates already includes taxes and fees.

Hotel Quality Beds

Junction Hostel Makati brings the comfort of five-star hotel quality beds by using 12-inch mattresses and hotel grade linens in all their rooms, without the luxury hotel price tag. We personally tested their beds during a weekend stay at the hostel and it was really comfortable. The pillows are fluffy and the linens smelled clean and fresh. They also provide polyester blankets to keep you warm during cold nights.

What else is included in the rate?

Free toiletries such as shampoo and shower gel are provided in all private and common bathrooms. Fresh and clean towel is also provided per guest. There's also free wifi Internet access on all floors of the hostel, password available at the front desk. Cold and hot distilled water is also provided free of charge at the pantry located at the ground floor.

Free Wifi Internet Access

Coed Dormitories

Majority of the dormitories at Junction Hostel Makati are coed (mixed). The biggest ones are the 10-bed coed dormitories with five bunk beds. There's also the 6-bed and the 4-bed coed dormitories. The smallest one is the 3-bed dormitory with three single beds.

coed dormitories with bunk beds

3-bed dormitory with single beds

Female-Only Dorms & Private Rooms

Females who are not comfortable sharing a dorm with guys can upgrade to a female-only 4-bed dormitory. Couples or solo travelers who require more privacy can book the private room.

Private Room
Room Design and Amenities

All rooms have a modern, industrial-inspired interior design and are equipped with individually controlled air-conditioning. Each bunk bed has locker and a utility rack with shelves and two universal sockets. In addition, each room also has desk and stool, and a full-length mirror. All rooms have an en suite shared bathroom with heated shower and toilet with bidet. The 10-bed dormitories also have an additional corner sink. Each floor also has common bathrooms, one for men and one for women.

Physical Security

Junction Hostel Makati addresses this concern on physical security by issuing an electronic key card to every checked-in guest to keep outsiders from entering the dorm rooms. Each bunk bed has its own designated locker where one's personal belongings can be safely stored. Junction Hostel Makati also has CCTVs installed around the property. When staying in a hostel, one should always remember that security starts with prevention.

Anti-Theft Tips

When staying in a hostel, you should always remember that safety starts with prevention. Here are some tips that can help you secure your belongings:
  • Bring your own lock, preferably a combination lock, so that you don't have to worry about misplacing your key.
  • If you travel with a laptop, invest on a good Kensington lock, and always remember to protect your desktop with a password.
  • Don't bring anything valuable like jewelries, expensive watches, etc.
  • Don't carry too much cash.
  • Always keep your gadgets secured inside your locker.
  • Don't leave your phone, laptop or tablet unattended while charging them 

House Rules

Just before you start exploring the city, please take note of these simple house rules. Being aware of and following these rules will not only make your stay an enjoyable one, it will also make you the coolest guys in the hostel!

More Photos

Common Areas

Located on the ground floor of the hostel are the common areas. This is where you will find other like-minded travelers during their idle time. Take this opportunity to meet new friends, share travel stories and tips. Hostels have a more friendly, laid-back culture so don't be surprised if another guest seats next to you and start chatting with you. 

The common area is air-conditioned and is open 24/7. The common area also features an industrial-inspired design with bold graphics and typographical statement covering the walls. The mix of new chairs, tables made of upcycled wood and pipes, and funky light fixture adds to the artsy feel of the area. Free wifi is also available at the common areas so it's also a good place to work with your laptop.

The hammock and the bean bags at the lounge is perfect for those who wish to unwind coming from a tiring day tour, or for those who just wish to laze around.

Go to the TV Room if you wish to watch a movie or two, or update yourself with the latest news, while relaxing on one of the tastefully upholstered sofas. It's also an ideal place for afternoon siestas that will surely recharge you and make you ready for a night-long party or bar hopping with your newly found travel buddies.

Feeling hungry? Grab a snack or a meal from nearby convenience stores and food stalls have them heated at the pantry. You can also have your favorite burger or pizza delivered at the hostel. Just remember one rule: food and drinks stay at the common area. If you have unfinished food, you can have it stored at the refrigerator.

The Truck is Junction Hostel Makati's in-house F&B outlet serving gourmet sandwiches and local beer. If you look closely, The Truck is made of an old shipping container which has been converted into an open kitchen. Just approach any of the hostel staff and they will happily prepare a sandwich for you.


While most hostels include free breakfast in their rates, Junction Hostel Makati chose to offer breakfast as an option. Being an establishment that caters to travelers from around the world, who have different meal preferences, serving bread and jam for breakfast may be fantastic to one person, but completely unappetizing for another. Americans for example would expect bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. Asians would expect rice on their breakfast plate.

Junction Hostel Makati has ala carte breakfast meals that costs around P200.00 (US$5.50) which includes a sandwich, two eggs, toast, and a choice of sausage or ham. If you want a more affordable alternative, there are countless, even better, options to choose from. Since you are in the Philippines, why not try Tapsilog, a Filipino favorite breakfast of fried rice, fried marinated beef chunks, and fried egg. There is a nearby restaurant that serves Tapsilog and other Filipino breakfast meals for less than P100.00 (US$2.25).

You can buy freshly baked bread from a nearby bakery. Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven also sell reheatable sandwiches. A more convenient option is to have food delivered at the hostel, or eat breakfast in one of the fastfood restaurants along the way.


In summary, here's what we like about Junction Hostel Makati:
  • It is located away from the noisy nightlife spots of Makati, but within comfortable walking distance from restaurants and bars. The neighborhood feels peaceful and safe.
  • We like the modern design of the rooms. There's enough space to move around the dorms. The dorms are clean, and so are the en suite bathrooms. There's heated shower, and bidet is installed to the toilet. The common area is very spacious, there's enough tables and chairs for everyone. We love the tv room and the sofa.
  • Bed is very comfortable. Linens are clean and smelling fresh. Air-conditioning adds more comfort to the sleep. Rooms are completely isolated from noise coming from the street. The common area doesn't feel cramped. Electronic key card access makes the guests feel safe inside the hostel.
  • There's free shampoo and shower gel, towels are also provided. Free wifi is fast .

Here are some areas of improvement:
  • The hostel is difficult to spot especially in the evening. A signage with neon lights will be a big help. 
  • Bed-side lamps should be installed soon.
  • The front office receptionist should pro-actively tell the guests what complimentary items or services are available for them. Guests would love to hear that they are getting more value from what they paid, and they will surely rave about anything free.
  • Filipinos are known to be hospitable, and the hostel should capitalize on training the staff to be more friendly and sociable. The staff should also be experts in local information, at least of the hostel's immediate neighborhood in Makati. Foreign guests would most likely ask them for directions and suggestions.

Book your bed now via agoda.com

Junction Hostel Makati
Annex Matheus Bldg. General Luna Street corner Don Pedro Street
Barangay Poblacion, Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact Number(s): +63 (02) 5016575 / +63 (02) 5016578
Email: manager@junctionhostels.com
Website: www.junctionhostels.com 
Facebook: Junction Hostels
IG: @JunctionHostelsPH

Direction: Junction Hostel Makati is accessible from Makati Avenue or Rockwell Drive. Coming from Makati Avenue, turn right to Kalayaan Avenue and make a u-turn after P. Burgos Street. Look for the Ministop branch along Kalayaan Avenue, then turn right to Don Pedro Street. Coming from Rockwell, proceed to Kalayaa Avenue and look for the Ministop branch on the right side of the road. On Don Pedro Street, go straight until you reach Junction Hostel Makati, the violet building on the left side of the road. 

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