Size Matters Sausage Burgers in Kapitolyo, Pasig

Size Matters Sausage Burgers is a casual dining restaurant specializing in burgers using a blend of ground sausage patties. They also serve all-beef burgers, sausage sandwiches, pasta, wings and all-day breakfast meals. Size Matters Pasig in Kapitolyo is one of the four branches of this homegrown restaurant brand.

Size Matters Pasig is located at the ground floor of Ace Water Spa, on the side facing Brixton Street. Exposed brick walls, dark wooden panels and ceiling beams, and polished concrete floor gives the restaurant a rustic look. Warm lighting brings hints of coziness into the area.


We are glad the we were able to finally try Size Matters Pasig which has been operating in Kapitolyo since 2013. We started off our lunch with their Bowl of Salad (P150.00). It's a simple salad of lettuce, oranges and slices of grilled chicken, flavored with roasted sesame dressing. I like the combination of the sweet oranges and the salty roasted sesame dressing. The juiciness of the orange combined with the lettuce gives this salad a refreshing taste. The grilled chicken adds a light savory taste and texture to the salad.

Bowl of Salad

Next, we also tried their Onion Rings. It's not yet on their menu yet though, but it is available upon request. Their version uses thinner slices of onions covered with super crunchy coating. I like their version because the taste of the onion is not overpowering which I find more enjoyable to eat.

Onion Rings

We also got to sample their best-selling pasta dish. Their Carbonara (P209.00) is served with generous amount of bacon and chunks of sausages which makes it a savory version of this usually lightly creamy pasta dish. The serving size is good for sharing (2-3 persons) but eaten on its own, it's enough to make one hungry customer full and satisfied.


We then tried three of their gourmet burgers. First to be served was the Breakfast in Bed (1/4 lb - P199.00) which is basically a sandwich made with breakfast sausage patty, bacon and fried egg on an English muffin with American cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onion and tomatoes. I like the quality of their muffin, not too soft, and not tough to the bite either. The breakfast sausage patty is not as savory as the usual burger patties. It is not heavily spiced as well, making it light to the taste, a perfect choice for a breakfast sandwich. Egg can be scrambled, runny or sunny-side up upon request. Bacon adds crunch and flavor to the burger. The 1/2 lb version of the burger is served with two sausage patties and sells for (P279.00). It can be ordered as ala carte or as a combo with fries and 12 oz drink for an additional of P60.00.

Breakfast in Bed

We then had the Italian Burger Job (1/4 lb - P189.00). The patty is made of a blend of ground Italian sausages served on an oat bun with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, Monterey Jack, garlic cream cheese and caramelized onions. The flavors of the Italian sausages used in the patty are perfectly blended and well pronounced together with the cheeses. The caramelized onions are sweet and not heavy on oil. The lettuce and the tomatoes adds a juicy and refreshing finish to every bite. The 1/2 lb version sells for P269.00 and can also be upgraded to a combo meal for an additional P60.00.

Italian Burger Job

Our third and last gourmet burger was The Works Burger (1/3 lb - P299.00). It's a burger with an all-beef patty stuffed with Monterey Jack on an oat bun with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, topped with American cheddar cheese, mushrooms and bacon. The patty has a chunky texture and is infused with the creamy taste of the Monterey Jack. The bacon adds a crunchy contrast to the texture while the mushrooms brings a light earthy flavor to the burger. This burger is only available in 1/3 lb serving and is also upgradeable to a combo meal for an additional P60.00.

The Works Burger

Majority in our group liked the Italian Burger Job more than the other two gourmet burgers served to us. I on the other hand loved The Works Burger. We also liked the Breakfast in Bed, but we find it really more suitable as a breakfast sandwich. All three burgers are good to be shared by two persons, and you can actually request these burgers sliced into two when served. Eaten on their own, the burgers are big enough to be a filling meal.

Buffalo Wings

Wait, there's more! Everyone in our group got curious about the Buffalo Wings that despite being full already, we ordered a 5-piece serving of this best-seller. I liked the spiciness of their Buffalo Wings. It's above my normal tolerance level for spicy food, but it's not overly spicy that you couldn't taste any flavor other than the spiciness. It has the right kick that will make you sweat, but still enjoy the other flavors of the dish. The wings are available in 3-piece (P195.00) and 5-piece (P295.00) servings. Each piece is a full wing which makes this a value-for-money dish.

We also tried a variety of drinks served at the restaurant. They have IBC Root Beer (P60.00) which is an imported brand of bottled rood beer from the US. It has a low sweetness level compared to other root beer brands, and it is also lightly carbonated, making it easier to drink. They also have house-blend iced tea and lemonade, sodas, local beer brands.

There are other interesting items on their menu that we want to try on our next visit. We are particularly interest in their Breakfast Sausage Meal, American Ribs, USDA Beef Salpicao, and the Beef & Sausage Burger. It's also worth trying their sausage platter paired with beer.

Size Matters Menu


Here's a summary of what we liked about Size Matters Pasig:
  • The sausage burger was a hit. The flavors of the sausage patties perfectly matched the cheeses and the vegetables served with the burgers. They are a unique offering in this area of Kapitolyo that we will surely be coming back for. We also enjoyed their house-blend iced tea. They have a wide selection of food items drinks that are well organized on their menu.
  • For the quality of taste and ingredients, and serving size of the burgers selling at below P200.00, customers really get good value from their money.
  • Service is fairly average and straightforward. Taking of order was quick, service was accurate and efficient. 
  • We like rustic and uncomplicated feel of the interior. Chairs are very comfortable. The area is generally clean. The place is well lit and air-conditioning works perfectly. Free wifi access is an added plus. It's also nice to know that they are open until 11pm and even until 1am during weekends. 
  • Overall, we liked their food and we don't mind spending P200 for their burgers. We see this restaurant as one of the restaurants that we will be visiting often in Kapitolyo. 

Here are some suggestions for improvement:
  • Sausage burger is their flagship product so the restaurant should develop more variants of these specialty burgers to give variety of options for the customers.
  • We hope that they can offer a bottomless serving of their house-blend iced tea. 
  • It would be awesome if they could open during breakfast time. 11am is already close to lunchtime.

Size Matters Sausage Burgers
G/F Ace Water Spa, Pioneer Street corner Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11:00am to 11:00pm; Friday to Saturday 11:00am to 1:00am
Contact Number: (02) 477-3065
Instagram @SizeMattersPasig
Cuisine: American

Disclaimer: Pinas Muna was invited by the restaurant to sample and review their dishes and restaurant as a whole. Dishes were provided by the restaurant for photoshoot and sampling purposes only. Opinion on the food, place and service is ours and is in no way influenced by the restaurant through incentives, payment or any other monetary and non-monetary compensation.

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