Araw ng Dabaw Specials: Best of Local Cuisine at Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Davao City will be celebrating its 78th founding anniversary on March 16. And as part of our true Filipino food tradition, we always prepare big for the celebration and Park Inn Davao will have something big to offer beginning March 14 to 16.

Dubbed as one of the hip and modern restaurants in Davao, RBG will be serving up a feast that every hearty eater will definitely enjoy. This Araw ng Dabaw food spread will be a feast of classic delicacies and all-time local favourites that is inspired by the true flavours of the region.

And I’m one lucky earthling; I got to sample few of the dishes that you’ll soon enjoy too.

Sous Chef Maria Kristina ‘Teng’ Collantes has carefully prepared all the choices in the menu making sure to excite every guest’s hearty palates. Using only the freshest and home-grown ingredients, Chef Collates has tweaked all the recipes to give in more zest and added authentic flavours of home.

And so for our salad we had;

Native Dried Fish with Pomelo Vinaigrette. I usually do ‘dilis’ (anchovies) however I want at home, but seeing this lowly fish all glammed for this plate, change the way I look at ‘dilis’ forever. This briny ‘dilis’ mixed in with cucumber, radish, fresh spices and herbs and drenched in bittersweet pomelo vinaigrette has definitely brought it home. It’s so rich in flavour, so good to start in the meal.

Roasted Vegetable with Davao Cheese. After our meal, I was actually trying to figure it out how to do this at home. I did a mental map of the flavours thinking I’ll do a run of this dish at home, and then thought, Oh, RBG only has it. Well, guess just have to go back here on the 12th. The velvety Chevre added in every bite made this dish a standout.

When you’re in town on the abovementioned dates and looking for a delicious local cuisine that add-in the famed Davao Cheese on it, RBG is the place to be. This is definitely a must-eat and it’s deliciously Davao!

Pomelo and Green Mango Salad. I’m used to having my pomelo salad tossed in with a lot of leaves. But this particular version is devoid of these greens, it’s prepared with pure Davao pomelo instead. It’s another delightful way to bringing in more flavour to this home-grown produce. Strips of crunchy near-ripe mango drizzled in with a light dressing, specs of fresh herbs and spices completed this dish bittersweet aroma, you’ll certainly salivate by just looking at it and moreso, if you’re indulging on it. The play of flavours is definitely a unique twist to my usual. So good!

Grilled Chicken Pizza. I love my pizza non-greasy and this one is – perfect! The crust is soft and thin, you wouldn’t struggle a bit to chew it. It’s moderately cheesy with lots of onion rings on it I so love to bits and its chicken-topped, thought it’s a lean option for a healthier you. But mind you, this is really best paired with iced cold soda, trust me. But then, if you’re feeling so guilty, RBG has all the healthy drink option you can get, your choice.

And for the Main Course;

Native Banana Stuffed Squid. Fried to golden perfection, this stuffed squid is a stand-alone dish for me. You can have it without rice. I’m all too concerned about me carbo-loading, but then thinking the native banana will proxy the rice; I went ahead and fork in this seafood’s tenderness. It’s my first time eating squid stuffed in ‘saba’, super tasty, thank you Chef.

Twice cooked Chicken with Orange Glaze. I really can’t imagine the world without chicken. Universe, please don’t let this bird go extinct or we’ll not be eating Twice cooked Chicken with Orange Glaze again. This chicken is perfection. Crispy fried on the outside yet so luscious and so full of flavour in the inside. The Orange Glaze deepens the taste making every bite rightly satisfying. Superb!

Buko Pandan Jelly. This is our all time favourite Filipino dessert and RBG made it perfect. So delightfully creamy. Just what I need to cap in my very satisfying RBG dining experience.

And here’s good a thing, following the concept of RBG’s regular Supersize meal, diners still get to customize their own food set with their own choice of salad, soup, starter, rice, main course, desserts, drink and the one I like the most, a family size pizza. And because Araw ng Dabaw weekend is special, RBG will be giving you bigger servings good for 6 diners but still all for the same price of Php1,699.00 net.

This dining offer is available for lunch and dinner on March 14 to 16.

Your food choices will include; For salad; Pomelo and Green Mango Salad, Native Dried Fish with Pomelo Vinaigrette, and Roasted Vegetables with Davao Cheese. For main course, the diners may choose from Beef Kare-Kare, Native Banana Stuffed Squid, Twice-cooked Chicken with Orange Glaze, and Vegetable and Tofu in Garlic Butter and of course, the pizza.

See you at RBG! Happy 78th Araw ng Dabaw!

Author: Verna Luga
Pinas Muna Regional Contributor based in Davao City 
A not-so feminist, a hard-core multi-culturalist and a crazy optimist
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Editor: Ramil Delos Reyes
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