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Industriya Marikina

Industriya Marikina is a new casual dining restaurant in Marikina City that serves international and local dishes in a classy, retro-style dining setting. The restaurant is owned by a family that has been manufacturing shoes in Marikina since the early 40's. When asked why they decided to open a restaurant, the owners said "we love to travel and try different cuisines, and food a common passion in our family."

Industriya Marikina

The restaurant stands on a property where the owners used to have their old leather tanning factory. Instead of demolishing the old building to give way to the restaurant, the owners decided to salvage and make use of the old parts of the structure as design elements for the restaurant.

Industriya Marikina

Solid wood panels and beams were transformed into dining table surfaces, wall tiles and floor panels, while the artistically crafted metal frames were used as accents to the windows, ceiling and stairwell.

Industriya Marikina

Italian-made machines from the 40's which were used for generations in manufacturing shoes have been clean, repainted and displayed inside the restaurant. Wooden shoe molds are also used as interior accents inside the restaurant.

Industriya Marikina

Leather used in making shoes are then used as leather covers for chair cushions and sofas. Incorporating elements of shoe manufacturing into the interior design is consistent with the owner's intention of branding the restaurant as the family's tribute to the shoe making industry of Marikina. Moreover, the overall ambiance of the restaurant will provide its guests with a dining experience that is distinctly Marikina.

Industriya Marikina

Now, let's talk about their food. Industriya Marikina serves a variety of cuisines, from Chinese to Japanese, from Italian to American, and to good old classic Filipino cuisine. For a new restaurant such as Industriya Marikina, that's quite overwhelming.

Industriya Marikina

While this may be a disadvantage for restaurants located somewhere else in Metro Manila, the wide variety of dishes is definitely an edge for Industriya Marikina, especially that the restaurant has a huge market for events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and other corporate and commercial functions.

Industriya Marikina

During our visit, we were able to sample some of the best-sellers of Industriya Marikina. Majority of their dishes are good for sharing and is best shared by a group of two to four persons. Here's a preview of what you can expect from their menu:

Industriya Marikina
Roasted Pumpkin Soup
We started our meal with the Roasted Pumpkin Soup (P160.00). Creamy and bold with pumpkin flavor, in a thick and semi-coarse consistency. A serving of this soup is good for one to persons. Other soup choices include Clam Chowder and Wild Mushroom Soup.  

Industriya Marikina
Industriya House Salad
For appetizer, we had the Industriya House Salad (P200.00) made of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, topped with dried cranberries, candied walnuts and bits of blue cheese. It is then served with strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing on the side. The highlight of this salad for me would be the strawberry vinaigrette dressing. It has the comforting taste of strawberries, and a mild sweetness and sourness that blends perfectly with the greens. The dried cranberries add chunkiness to the bite while the walnuts add a contrasting texture of crunchiness.

Industriya Marikina
Gambas al Ojillo
Another appetizer served was the Gambas al Ojillo (P285.00). Fresh Iberian-style shrimps were quickly sautéed with tomatoes, olives, Aleppo peppers, spices and garlic and finished with extra virgin olive oil.  Although served as an appetizer, I would want to eat this mouthwatering dish with steamed rice!

Industriya Marikina
Fettuccine Thermidor de la Mer 
Next to be served was a pasta dish called Fettuccine Thermidor de la Mer (P200.00), a French-inspired dish of pasta with a variety of seafood in creamy white wine sauce. The pasta dish has a very light creamy taste that is not overpowering with seafood flavor, just right to tickle the taste buds without getting the palate overwhelmed. This pasta dish is big enough to be shared by three persons, but I liked it so much I think I can eat the whole serving.

Industriya Marikina
All Meat Pizza
We then sampled their All Meat Pizza (P235.00). Their pizza dough is made fresh everyday at the restaurant to maintain high quality taste. They use a generous amount of ham and cheese as pizza toppings. The pizza is good for sharing among three to four persons. Other flavors are Hawaiian, Veggie Delight and Bianca.

Industriya Marikina
Classic Burger
Our group also tried the Classic Burger (P220.00) with a super thick patty made of 100% high quality New Zealand beef. The burger was served with potato wedges and salad on the side. What I like about the burger was the patty because it was moist and not overly juicy.

Industriya Marikina
Pan Seared Tenderloin
For the mains, we first sampled their Pan Seared Tenderloin (P495.00) made of New Zealand tenderloin, pan seared and then served on a bed of mash potato and buttered vegetables, and drizzled with red wine sauce. I enjoyed its tender and juicy meat with rich flavors of herbs and spices.

Industriya Marikina
Crispy Pata
One of their best-sellers is the Crispy Pata (P595.00). A favorite among families, the cripy pata is crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, a product of six hours of slow-cooking. Their version of crispy pata is flavorful which makes it better paired with vinegar dip instead of the usual soy sauce.

Finally, for dessert, we got to try three different ones. First was the Cheesecake (P220.00) made of 100% pure cream cheese, and topped with mixed berries. The next one was the Sansrival (P100.00) and the other one was the Choco Lava Cake (P98.00). Their desserts are made in-house by a pastry chef. Among the three, my favorite was the cheesecake.

Industriya Marikina

In addition to the main dining hall, Industriya Marikina also has private rooms that can cater to small groups of 20 to up to 50 persons. A minimal consumable amount starting at P5,000.00 is required to book these private rooms. No additional fees for the venue will be charged. These private rooms are ideal for small parties and celebrations such as Baptism, Birthday Parties, and Company Functions.

Industriya Marikina

Bigger groups of 150 to 400 persona can be hosted at Industriya Marikina's fully airconditioned event venue located at the back of the main restaurant. Consumable amount starting at P30,000.00 is the only requirement to book the events venue. No fees for the venue will be charged. The events venue is ideal for big celebrations such as Weddings, Debut Balls, and big Company Functions.

Industriya Marikina

Part of the Events Place package is the free use of one private suite which can serve as dressing room for the celebrants during the event. Buffet packages start at P295.00 per person to up to P695.00 per person, depending on the number and type of dishes.

Industriya Marikina


Here's what we like about Industriya Marikina:
  • There's a wide selection of cuisines and dishes, and serving size is good for sharing. Dishes are well executed, straightforward and not pretentious. 
  • Prices are very reasonable considering the good quality of the food and the serving size. The restaurant is perfect for families or barkada gatherings. Events packages are also very reasonable.
  • For a restaurant that is on soft opening, Industriya Marikina is really doing a great job. Food service was fast and accurate. There's enough staff to serve all customers even during the busy hours of lunch and dinner.  
  • We are impressed by the work done on the restaurant's interior. The restaurant is consistently clean, and is spacious. The air conditioning keeps the area comfortably cool even during lunchtime. The music matches the overall cozy theme of the interior. The bathroom is well maintained. There's ample space for parking.  
  • It was love at first sight. We totally enjoyed our dining experience at Industriya Marikina. We will surely be back to try their other dishes, perhaps more of their Chinese and Japanese dishes. We'd also want to try out their events venue for small parties such as birthday parties. 
Here are some points of improvement:
  • Keep the options on cuisine, but trim down on the choices of dishes, there's just too many making it difficult to choose among dishes that are all so yummy. Alternatively, the restaurant can offer set meals so that it becomes easier to order dishes for small groups.
  • Weekend lunch buffet would be a good alternative to ala carte dining. This will also be easier to manage for the restaurant during weekends. 

Event Place Rates

Buffet Menu

Industriya Marikina Restaurant & Events Place
No. 23 M. A. Roxas Street, Calumpang, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Contact Number/Reservation: +63 (02) 6329225
Email: industriyamarikina@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/industriyamarikina
IG: @IndustriyaMarikina

How to Get There

Public Transportation: From the Santolan Staion of LRT2, cross the overpass. Beside the 7-Eleven branch, there is a footpath leading to M.A. Roxas Street. Turn right and walk toward Iglesia ni Kristo. Industriya Marikina is located right across Iglesia ni Kristo.

Pivate Vehicle: From Marcos Hiway (westward coming from Antipolo)), turn right on to Old J.P. Rizal Street (before reaching SM Marikina), then turn right to M.A. Roxas Street Extension (third corner from Marcos Hiway), then turn left to M.A. Roxas Street (second corner). Look for Iglesia ni Kristo. Industriya Marikina is located across Iglesia ni Kristo.

Disclaimer: Dishes featured on this article are provided by the restaurant for photoshoot and food sampling purposes only. Opinion on the food, service and restaurant as a whole is ours and is in no way influenced by the restaurant through incentives, payment or any other monetary and non-monetary compensation.

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