NEW Restaurant in Kapitolyo: Karnitas Korner

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo

Karnitas Korner is a new casual dining restaurant located at Phil-Am Road in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. The restaurant opened last March 2015 and specializes in porchetta which they use in almost all of their dishes, from appetizers to pasta, and to rice meals.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo

The restaurant used to be an apartment unit in this quiet residential quarter of Kapitolyo. The space was beautifully transformed into a hip dining venue characterized by its ultra modern hand painted walls, long wooden tables, mosaic table tops. See more interior photos in the below gallery.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo

Diners can choose between the al fresco dining area and the main air-conditioned dining area inside the restaurant.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo

During our visit at Karnitas Korner, we were able to try three dishes which happened to be some of their house specialties. Their menu is not complicated, there are only a number of dishes to choose from which makes it easier for customers to decide what to order. The prices are also very reasonable. Most if not all are below P200.00.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo Porchetta Taco
Porchetta Tacos
The first dish we tried was the Porchetta Tacos which comes with two servings of soft tacos filled with chunks of porchetta on a bed of shredded cabbage and dressed with a special sauce. The tender and juicy porchetta chunks were lightly savory with the fragrance of Mediterranean herbs. The sauce was equally light with notes of sweet, sour and spicy flavors.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo Porchetta Carbonara
Porchetta Carbonara
Next dish we sampled was the Porchetta Carbonara. Instead of using bacon, Karnitas Korner used porchetta as the base flavor of the creamy carbonara sauce. It is then topped with a generous amount of porchetta chunks. It resulted to a less intense tasting carbonara that is lighter to the taste.

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo Porchetta Rice
Porchetta Rice
Finally, the highlight of our lunch was the Porchetta Rice. A thick slice of porchetta is placed on top of a bed or rice, and then topped with salsa verde and poached egg. Shredded cabbage and roasted corn kernels are also added. The dish is served with sambal on the side. To better appreciate this dish, we were instructed to mix the rice, the shredded cabbage, the corn and the poached egg. If you love spicy food like we do, you can also mix in the sambal into the rice and adjust the amount depending on your preference. What made the porchetta really amazing was the salsa verde

Karnitas Korner Kapitolyo

We also got to try two of their desserts, the Reeses Fudge Brownies (left) and the Snicker Doodle Blondies (right). Both are served ala mode and drizzled with chocolate and caramel. We find the desserts too sweet for our taste but the kids and those who have sweet tooth will surely love these desserts. I personally loved the Snicker Doodle Blondies because of its cinnamon flavor.

Karnitas Korner also serves wines and local beers which are both perfect with their porchetta dishes. But more than a drinking place, Karnitas Korner is restaurant where you can enjoy the company of your friends in a cozy and intimate setting over comfort food and great conversations.

Overall, Karnitas Korner is a welcome addition to the growing number of restaurants in Kapitolyo. They are currently the only one specializing in porchetta making it a dining destination for those caving for this Italian comfort food. We will definitely be back to try their other dishes. We hope that they can add two more pasta dishes and other versions of the Porchetta Rice. See you when you get the chance to visit Karnitas Korner in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Here are more photos of the interior:

Karnitas Korner
24-A Phil-Am Road, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: (02) 696-4559
Instagram: @KarnitasKorner

image provided by Karnitas Korner

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