Park Inn Davao's Supersize Meal, now BIGGER and Tastier!

Since its launch months ago, RBG's Supersize meal has been getting a lot of good feedback and was admirably patronized by both local and foreign diners alike. Not only that hearty eaters get enjoy their money's worth in terms of quantity, the food is also a real delight that customers keep coming back for more.

And because it was well received, RBG has good news for you! The SUPERSIZE MEAL now comes bigger, tastier and more choices have been added to the set menu. This time around, the Supersize meal comes in 10 courses and a choice of drink. The set meal can now serve 6-7 persons. If I have my way to keep this job of mine forever, I’d really take it because I often get so lucky to sample delectable dishes and it’s always a joy to share this delightful gastronomic experience with you. And without further ado, here’s what you’re going to expect from the upsized RBG menu.

Your appetizer will be one of these four; You can have a choice of RBG Traditional Caesar Salad, Mediterranean Salad with Light Yogurt-Cilantro Dressing which is new to the menu and two others that we sampled.

Panzanella Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. This Tuscan inspired dish has an intense and distinct flavor. If you want something different from your usual mild plate to tease your palate, then this is absolutely a must-try.

Panzanella Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Apple, Mango, Celery Salad. This dish holds a mild, gently sweet blend of fresh fruits and veggies that is easy and comfortable to my taste. If your salad penchant is on this side, then this is a good choice.

Apple, Mango, Celery Salad

For sidings, you can have one from these four choices; French Fries, Onion Rings, Nachos or Toasted Ciabatta with French Onion Dip.

I love Nachos with cheese, they're heavenly crunchy. And having tried RBG's supersized version, I love it even more. This cheese overload nachos is a dish to drool for, look at that - cheesy and crunchy!


This toasted, floury crusted Ciabatta is new to the set. It comes with French onion dip that is, I’m telling you, orgasmic. I can live with just this, so good. Highly recommended pick!

Tosted Ciabatta with French Onion Dip

For the soup, you’ll have a choice of: Cream of Chicken, Potato Garlic Soup, Ham and Corn Tomato Soup and my personal favorite - Roasted Pumpkin Soup. I love my soup healthy, creamy and smooth, this one’s a match, perfect!

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

And now for the main course; there's a choice of classic 8-Piece Fried Chicken, Crispy Roasted Pork Belly, and two new dishes, Steamed Tangigue with Mango-Cilantro Relish and Seared Beef Cutlets with Chimichurri Sauce. I normally write my blogposts at night, flow comes in easy for me at this time of the day, but the thing is, seeing and writing about this crispy goodness made me want to break in RBG right now. This crisp Pinoy classic dish is a true gastro fill. I bet, you too would want an extra serving of rice if you’ll have this.

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

If you want your main course light, this Steamed Tangigue is a real delight. Who knew, a Mango-Cilantro Relish added in every fish bite can create a distinctly sweet and savoury flavour you wouldn’t know you’ve filled in a mound of rice onto your plate. This fish course is also a must-try.

Steamed Tangigue

Beef lovers, rejoice! SuperSize Meal got a Seared Beef Cutlets with Chimichurri Sauce in the menu. It’s not every day we get to eat beef with sauce of Argentine in origin. Catch it while it’s serving big. This beef dish is succulently tender and is so full of bursting essence of herbs and spices. This is absolutely good, I could cry.

Seared Beef Cutlets with Chimichurri Sauce

Veggie devouts fret not. Here’s something for you too. You can have a choice of Roasted Potatoes and Carrots and one from these two new in the menu, Garlic-Buttered Seasonal Vegetables and 3-Spice Stir Fry Vegetables with Tofu.

Garlic-Buttered Seasonal Vegetables

Anything veggies is a yes, yes for me, what more if they’re prepared fresh, hence crunchy and oozing with healthy and tasty flavors. Supersize meals can be healthy too, right? All two platters are winners!

3-Spice Stir Fry Vegetables with Tofu

If you’re dining in with kids, Traditional Sweet Spaghetti with Sliced Hotdogs is also available. It’s sweet and cheesy, kids will love it.

Traditional Sweet Spaghetti with Sliced Hotdogs

Or you can have Pesto Grilled Chicken on Tri-Color Pasta if you prefer lean meat, pesto and olive oil prominence in your pasta. Sesame Broccoli and Cauliflower Noodle is also available for serving.

Pesto Grilled Chicken on Tri-Color Pasta

We Filipinos are really rice-loving people. We often look for diet options, but when everything is said and done, we can’t help it but go back to our staple. Old habits are hard to break you know, that's why RBG have these rice options - Plain rice, Java Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice and this heaping Yang Chow Rice. No need for extra rice, platters come extra loaded.

Yang Chow Rice

And now for dessert. The Supersize Meal comes with 1 full size cake, choice of Mocha, Whole Chocolate, Whole Rainbow Cake or Carrot Cake Bread with Choco Swirl Cream Cheese Frosting.

Carrot Cake

If you plan to celebrate intimate gatherings or special occasions at RBG and you’ll go Supersize, you can actually request for a free birthday candle and have the occasion and the name of the celebrant written on the cake, it’s on the house. Other than the cake, a choice from Buko Panda Jelly, Strawberry Jelly in Sweet Syrup, Black Gulaman with Pearls or this Mango Jelly with Cream will also be served.

Mango Jelly with Cream

The drink comes in pitcher size. You can opt for Orange Juice, Soda or Iced Tea, whatever suits your liking. And here’s the best part about RBG’s SuperSize Meal, the set comes with free RBG Family Sized Pizza. This baked goodness is as superb as it looks, super delicious!

Family Sized Pizza

And it doesn’t end there, this super delightful mini Crepe Bar that comes with four sweet and fresh fruit toppings is also on the house. Nothing beats a supersized meal with a free treat to cap it off. How awesome feast is that?

Crepe Bar

SuperSize Meal is only Php1, 999.00 and can serve 6-7 persons. And now do the math, its way worth every penny you’ll spend. SuperSize Meals are only available Lunch and Dinner every Saturdays and Sundays. So when you’re in Davao, go SuperSize, visit RBG.

RBG at Park Inn by Radisson Davao
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City
Telephone: +63 82 272 7600
Twitter/Instagram: @ParkInnDavao

Author: Verna Luga
Pinas Muna Regional Contributor based in Davao City 
A not-so feminist, a hard-core multi-culturalist and a crazy optimist
Peronal Blog: | IG: @FlowersOfDavao | Twitter: @Vernz13

Editor: Ramil Delos Reyes
HQ Editor & Content Manager, Manila-based financial researcher, European languages specialist, traveler, foodie | IG: @pinasmuna 

Disclaimer: Photos used in this article are owned by the Author unless bearing the Pinas Muna watermark or otherwise stated. As a Pinas Muna Contributor, the Author authorized to publish his/her photos. Dishes featured on this article are provided by the restaurant for photoshoot and food sampling purposes only. Opinion on the food, service and restaurant as a whole is that of the author and is in no way influenced by the restaurant through incentives, payment or any other monetary and non-monetary compensation.

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