Pasalubong Shopping at the New Duty Free Philippines Stores at NAIA Terminal 1 & 3

Pasalubong ha! That's usually what we hear from our friends or relatives whenever we are traveling to a far place either for leisure or for business. For Balikbayans, shopping for Pasalubong is such a huge task, an activity that usually eats up valuable time from their vacation or work abroad, but they willingly do none the less for their loved ones in the Philippines.

While many Balikbayans prefer to buy their pasalubong items from their country of origin, the millennial minded, travel-savvy Balikbayans who are looking for a more efficient, hassle-free, and most importantly, more economical way to shop for pasalubong choose to shop at Duty Free Philippines.

Just recently, Duty Free Philippines unveiled its newly renovated outlets at the arrivals and departure areas of both NAIA Terminal 1 & 3. With a beefed-up portfolio of top-of-the-line travel retail brands, Duty Free Philippines now offers a world-class, upscale shopping experience to international leisure and business travelers, as well as Balikbayans.

Shopping at Duty Free also frees up space in your baggage and also eliminates the need for extra baggage allowance, thus making travel more convenient. Most importantly, you have peace of mind because you don't need to worry about the horror of missing items from your baggage.  

Duty Free Philippines also offers the most competitive rates within the Asia-Pacific region, so items that you might see in Duty Free shops in bigger airports such as Singapore and Hong Kong are most likely cheaper here at Duty Free shops in the Philippines.

More than anything else, Duty Free Philippines knows the needs of a Filipino traveler and addresses those needs with special promos and discounts that will surely make shopping at Duty Free Philippines even more economical. Best example of which are the various Pasalubong Packs of chocolates sold in a discounted price and packaged in easy-to-carry bags.

M&Ms Pasalubong Packs
I have relatives living in the United States and I grew up receiving my favorite M&Ms as pasalubong every time my relatives would come home to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas. I'm looking forward to their next visit and I'm excited to share with them the good news about Duty Free Philippines as their best option for pasalubong shopping when they arrive at NAIA.

So if you have relatives coming to the Philippines from abroad, save them the hassle of buying pasalubong for you by telling them how awesome it is to do their pasalubong shopping when they arrive at NAIA Terminal 1 or 3.

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