Peanut Butter Company (PBCo) at the Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons [NOW OPEN]

If you're craving for that good-old peanut butter taste, but you want to try it in a unique way, PBCo is the right place to visit. PBCo, which stands for Peanut Butter Company, recently opened their newest branch located at the Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City.

Last weekend, the folks behind PBCo invited #TeamPinasMuna to try out their best-sellers. I have always been curious about PBCo and the great feedback I have been hearing about them just adds to the excitement.

It's the sweet and nutty taste with the creamy texture from the peanut butter that makes you feel at home every time you take a bite of a peanut butter sandwich. That was exactly what I felt when I took a bite of the sandwiches they served us. Then, it hit me. It wasn't a peanut butter sandwich! It's a burger!

The great thing about PBCo is that they managed to incorporate peanut butter in most of their dishes. They serve mouthwatering dishes like sandwiches, burgers, pastas, soups and even main course dishes like chicken and fish, and a lot more to choose from that can satisfy your hunger. There is so much food to try from their menu but here are the top four dishes that I personally liked which I listed down in a four-course meal style. Enjoy!

Cream Cheese Chowder
Cream Cheese Chowder -- Having a sip of a hot and creamy soup in a bread bowl will get your blood flowing. The richness of the soup complimented by the bread surely is a great way to get you started with your meal.

Classic Spaghetti
Classic Spaghetti -- This dish really caught my attention when I first looked at the menu. I told myself, they couldn't have incorporated peanut butter in this spaghetti dish. I was wrong. They did a really great job of blending peanut butter to what tasted to me like a Filipino style spaghetti. They did it in a way that the kids and the kids at heart will surely love.

Country Chicken Steak
Country Chicken Steak -- This is the dish that you shouldn't miss. The sheer size of the portion will satiate your voracious appetite. Not to mention that it tastes amazing. Of all the dishes, this one is my favorite!

Marshmallow Ice Cream Toast
Marshmallow Ice Cream Toast -- What's the best way to end your meal? With ice cream of course! But not just any other ice cream, it's a two-tier ice cream with the bottom layer made from toasted bread and the top layer made of marshmallow drizzled with chocolate flavored peanut butter.

If in case you're in the area or just in the mood for something different, make sure to drop by PBCo. Here are some of the dishes you can expect on your visit.

Creamy Curry Pasta Fish Diablo Pasta

Mac & Three Cheese Cold Asian Noodles

Home Town Fried Chicken Cajun Fish Fillet

Sloppy Burger Pulled Pork Burger

Roast Beef N Gravy Marshmallow Dream

Stuffed Monkey Crunchy Jamberry

Peanut Butter Company (PBCo)
U-B1, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 11:00am to 9:00 pm; Friday to Sunday 10:00am to 10:00 pm

Author: Dads Mallari
Contributor based in Mandaluyong City | music lover, food daredevil, proud Ilocano

Photos by: Edgar Co
HQ Photographer & Social Media Manager | traveler, siomai addict | IG: @edsilog

Editor: Ramil Delos Reyes
HQ Editor & Content Manager | financial researcher, European languages specialist, traveler, foodie

Disclaimer: As a Pinas Muna Contributors, the Author and the Photographer authorized to publish their works. Dishes featured on this article are provided by the restaurant for photoshoot and food sampling purposes only. Opinion on the food, service and restaurant as a whole is that of the author and is in no way influenced by the restaurant through incentives, payment or any other monetary and non-monetary compensation.

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