Start Your 2015 #McDoCokeGlass Collection

mcdonalds coke glass 2015 #McDoCokeGlass

McDonald's Philippines today launched their 2015 #McDoCokeGlass Collection featuring six designs which took inspiration from the 100th year anniversary of he classic Coca-Cola contour bottle.

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mcdonalds coke glass 2015 #McDoCokeGlass

Coca-Cola Company started bottling their soda brand in 1899 but it was in 1915 when the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle was patented which the company started using by 1916. Later in 1955, Coca-Cola started selling the product in various contour bottle sizes. Later in 1961, the Coca-Cola bottle was recognized as a trademark on its own. For those of you born in the 90's, you might remember that it was in 1994 when Coca-Cola started selling the brand in plastic bottles. Fast forward to 2015, Coca-Cola celebrates the 100th year anniversary of their contour bottle design that distinguishes their product from other soda brands.

mcdonalds coke glass 2015 #McDoCokeGlass

The 2015 #McDoCokeGlass is available at all McDonald's branches in the Philippines from October 30 to November 13, 2015. But just like in 2014, I believe that these glasses will remain available in stores until the supply gets sold out. To get one, you just have to add P29.00 to any meal (excluding Happy Meals and Fries-McFloat Combos.

Have you collected all six designs? Tell us which one is your favorite by commenting below.

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