Buffet Breakfast at Vintana, Shangri-La Boracay

Vintana is the all-day dining restaurant of Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa that serves a wide variety of local and international dishes. Guests staying at Shangri-La Boracay enjoy complimentary buffet breakfast at this restaurant situated at the main building of the resort.

We consider the buffet breakfast at Vintana to be the best buffet breakfast in Boracay primarily because of the wide selection and high quality of dishes served to guests. The elegant, Filipino-inspired interior of the restaurant does not only embody the luxurious Shangri-La brand, but is also radiates the warm and welcoming hospitality of Filipinos through gracious and impeccable customer service.

The best luxury resort in Boracay deserves nothing less than the best buffet breakfast in the island. That is why we also consider the buffet breakfast at Vintana as one of the highlights of our stay at Shangri-La Boracay, and it's one of the main reasons why we would want to stay again at this resort.

The wide selection of dishes start at the salad and fruits section. By just looking at how colorful the vegetables are, you can instantly tell that Vintana uses the freshest and best quality produce. The carrots, cucumbers, jicamas and the peppers were crisp and sweet. The fruit section has an abundance of mangoes, watermelon, honeydew and dragonfruit, the best representatives of tropical fruits you can find in the Philippines.

There's also a section for breads and pastries. The croissant and the pain au chocolat were soft, buttery, and flaky. There's also an assortment of Viennoiserie including Danish pastries and rolls. There's also a station that makes fresh pancakes, waffles and French toasts. The same station also makes fresh bibingka, the best tasting bibingkas in our opinion.

If you are looking for something to warm your tummy, you can try the various Asian noodle dishes served at the Noodles station. There's also congee which you can garnish with toppings of your choice. If you prefer something Western, there's a Continental station that serves a variety of cold cuts, hams, dried fruits and nuts. There's also yogurt and fresh fruit juices.

Being a global hotel brand that caters to international guests, Vintana serves a variety of Western and Eastern cuisines. There's an Indian station, a Korean station, and a Japanese station. The Filipino station features a number of main dishes such as adobo, tapa, daing na bangus, beef bistek and pancit. The American station never runs out of crispy bacon, sausages, potato wedges and hash browns.

We also loved the interior of the restaurant. It is furnished with Filipino-inspired tables and chairs and tastefully designed with art works and accent pieces. The dining area is very spacious and had high ceiling. The space is well air-conditioned with natural coming in from the floor to ceiling glass windows. The staff are very proactive in offering us coffee, tea and water and they anticipate need and would take cue from a mere eye contact. Service was friendly, quick and efficient.

Here are some of the dishes we had for breakfast during our three-day stay at Shangri-La Boracay. The selection of dishes changes everyday, that's why every morning is completely different breakfast dining experience at Vintana. We tried our best to sample almost all of the dishes available at the buffet spread, but there were just too many food choices.

congee topped with fried dilis (dried fish)

assorted sushi and maki, and miso soup

simple ham and cheese omelet with fresh vegetable salad

continental: cold cuts, various European cheeses, dried apricots and figs, nuts and quiche

garlic rice, pancit, salted eggs with fresh tomatoes and onions, chicken adobo, daing na bangus, beef bistek

garlic rice, potato wedges, omelet, sausages, bacon 

strawberry danish, blueberry bibingka, yogurt, fresh mango, watermelon and dragonfruit

bibingka with cheese, vanilla ice cream topped with dried fig
While all dishes served at Vintana's buffet breakfast were excellent, there is one that really captured our attention. Their bibingka was divine. You can find its goodness in its simplicity. It was moist, buttery and cooked perfectly. It's a definite must try! Below are some more food shots from the buffet spread.

Buffet Breakfast at Vintana is available everyday from 6:30am to 11:00am. Vintana is accessible on the fourth floor of Timog and Hilaga clusters leading to the Main Building. At the lobby, take the elevator to the second floor where Vintana is located. Alternatively, take the golf buggy and tell the driver to bring you to the lobby.

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