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We Filipinos love buffet. We always find a reason to celebrate over food which is central to our social interaction with family and friends. With summer fast approaching, does it mean we have to give up our next visit to buffet restaurants in order to achieve that beach body? Definitely not!

Thankfully, there's Salad Lunch Bar at Misto, the all-day dining restaurant of Seda BGC. It features a wide selection of fresh and high quality vegetables and fruits, salad dressings, savory toppings, as well as panini, soups, pasta, juices and fat-free desserts.

We tried those home/office delivery pre-packed salads, yes they are healthy, but usually short in satisfaction. With the Salad Lunch Bar, we get to choose the ingredients that we truly love, and allows us to be creative in mixing and matching vegetables, dressings and toppings. Most of all, it's as satisfying as the buffet we all love.

The greens are fresh, crisp and sweet. There's also countless vegetables and fruits to mix with your greens, available in different colors, taste and textures.

I usually go with Cesar salad dressing, but this time, I became a bit adventurous and tried other salad dressings. For my salad, I got four varieties of leafy vegetables, some slices of cucumber and tomatoes, and also added some French strings beans for added crunch.

I then drizzled my salad with Balsamic vinaigrette and topped it with shrimps, squid, salmon and mandarin oranges for added sweetness and refreshing zest to the taste.

I love fresh fruits, and I especially love watermelon and honeydew. Whenever I eat in a buffet restaurant, I usually substitute cakes and sweets with fresh fruits, and here at the Salad Lunch Bar, they never run out of fresh fruits.

Pre-mixed salads are also available on the Salad Lunch Bar. Chilled fruit juices and infused water are refreshing addition to the healthy dining. You also have to try their tea and brewed coffee.

Overall, we had a very filling, guilt-free lunch here at Seda BGC's Salad Lunch Bar. What's really remarkable is that we didn't experience food coma after feasting on salads. We felt full, but not tired. Rather, we felt energized, refreshed and very satisfied.

The Salad Lunch Bar is available on weekdays (except holidays) from 12:00noon to 2:00pm for only P650.00++ per person. For reservations, you can call +63 (02) 945-8888 or email

Seda BGC
30th Street corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Instagram: @SedaHotels

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