Ungab Rock Formation of Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Ungab Rock Formation of Mongpong Island, Santa Cruz, Marinduque

The Ungab Rock Formation is one of the most iconic natural landmarks of the province of Marinduque. Its most characteristic feature is the arch formed through years of erosion. Situated on the eastern coast of the island of Mongpong, the Ungab Rock Formation stands next to a beach and is surrounded by clear blue and turquois waters.

Ungab Rock Formation is easily accessible through a pumpboat ride from the Buyabod Port of the municipality of Santa Cruz. It is also one of the most popular stops during island hopping activities with the Maniwaya Island as jump-off point.

Island Hopping tours can be arranged with the pump boats stationed at Buyabod Port or with the resorts located at Maniwaya Island.

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