Crust at The Lind Boracay

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Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay

Crust is a casual dining restaurant located on the ground floor of The Lind Boracay. The restaurant specializes in woodfired pizza and serves Filipino, Western, and Asian dishes. It welcomes both in-house guests of the hotel as well as walk-in diners. Crust is easily accessible from the beachfront of White Beach Station 1.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay

Crust features a shaded al fresco dining area with tables that can accommodate groups of various sizes. Diners here can choose to be seated facing the beachront or the hotel's swimming pool. An industrial ceiling fan is installed to help circulate the air.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay

Sun loungers with umbrellas are also available at the restaurant's beachfront where guests can sip on refreshing drinks while enjoying the cool sea breeze, the white sand beach, and the clear blue waters of Boracay White Beach.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Cucumber Mint (left), Mango Lychee (right)

Order one of their fruit blends as soon as you are seated. The Cucumber Mint is a cool and refreshing drink perfect for the sunny weather of Boracay while the Mango Lychee has a sweet and zesty blend of tropical flavors. Other options include their special blended iced teas and fresh lemon coolers.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay

You can start your meal with Sinuglaw, a Filipino dish made with grilled pork belly and seared tuna cured in coconut vinegar, and served with sliced cucumber, onion, ginger, and chili. Similar to ceviche, this dish is served as a cold appetizer.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Sungkaan Board

The Sungkaan Board showcases Filipino street food including (clockwise from top left) crispy chicken siomai, cheese sticks, spicy sugar-coated dilis, drunken shrimp fritters, pork barbecue skewers, smoked fish spring rolls, crispy quail eggs, and green mango with shrimp paste. All the fried items go well with the sweet-chili sauce.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Sisig Pizza

One of the best-sellers of Crust is the Sisig Pizza. This pizza is topped with Sisig, a Filipino dish made of minced pork, and garnished with onions, chili, and poached egg. Get a slice of the pizza and break the poached egg on top and enjoy!

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Salame Piccante Pizza

Other pizza options at Crust include Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, basil), Seafood Marinara (mixed seafood, mozzarella, tomatoes), Six Cheese (cream, parmesan, fresh mozzarella, smoked cheddar, goat cheese, blue cheese), and Salame Piccante (tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, spicy salami, black olives).

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Grilled Octopus

Choices for the mains include Western, Southeast Asian, and Filipino classics. One of the signature dishes of Crust is their Grilled Octopus which is served on a bed of sauteed baby potatoes, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, and romesco sauce.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay

Another best-seller here at Crust is their Mezze. The platter includes falafel, pita bread, marinated olives, artichoke, vegetable sticks, hummus, feta cheese, and dips. This goes well with beer or wine and is perfect during sunset sessions.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Truffle Fries

The Truffle Fries is another crowd-favorite here at Crust. These french fries are flavored with truffle oil, seasoned with sea salt, topped with parmesan cheese, and served with truffle aioli on the side. You can enjoy the fries on their own or pair them with any drinks.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Coco de Husk

Speaking of drinks, Crust also takes pride in its Filipino Street Cocktails. Served in a coconut shell is the Coco de Husk. This refreshing cocktail includes Myer's Rum with calamansi juice and fresh coconut water and is flavored with caramel syrup.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
Butchi Martini

The Butchi Martini is made with vodka, Tia Maria (rum-based coffee liqueur), Frangelico (hazelnut-flavored liqueur), calamansi nectar, and honey. The flavor profile and texture remind me of whiskey sour.

Crust Restaurant at The Lind Boracay
La Presa Slush

The La Presa Slush is a fruity cocktail that is very easy to drink. It has white rum, Disaronno liqueur, lychee, and strawberry. If you like mojito, you will surely enjoy this refreshing drink.

Ground Level, The Lind Boracay
White Beach Station 1 Beachfront
Sitio Pinaungon, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines
Contact: +63 (02) 8835 8888
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