Bohol: Bibingka

The bibingka, or rice cake, is popular all over the Philippines and is prepared in different variations. The bibingka we know in Manila is dark yellow in color, and is usually topped with salted egg, and baked using charcoal, intentionally toasted to add to the flavor. It is served topped with melted butter, sugar and shaved coconut.

The bibingka we tried in Bohol is a little bit pale yellow in color with no toppings at all. The surface is only slightly toasted to golden brown. Though made with the same basic ingredient, rice flour, it did not taste anything similar to the bibingka in Manila. Rather, it has a flavor similar to the putong puti, only baked and slightly toasted. This is probably the variant called the Bibingkang Mandaue, something I need to explore in my next visit to Cebu.

I bought one at the Sagbayan Peak for only Php20.00. Since I wasn't that hungry, I only consumed half of the bibingka and saved the other half for the trip, "Lord of the Rings" style.

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