Danao: Danao Adventure Park: Suislide

From Sagbayan Peak, it was a 50-minute drive to reach Danao Adventure Park, located in the municipality of Danao. It wasn't an easy drive, majority of the road is not cemented, but only covered with ground limestone. The rain created mud-holes on the rode, making the trip extra challenging.

Finally by 11:15am, we reached our destination. Entrance fee to the park is Php25 per person, plus Php10 for car entrance. Our group tried the Suislide which consists of two half-kilometer-long zip-lines suspended between two cliffs. The first line going to the other side, and the second line going back to the park.

Each leg lasted less than a minute, enough time to enjoy the wind and the view of the trees and the Wahig river.

Because of a recent back injury, I wasn't able to try the Suislide. I just served as photographer for our travel group. I will definitely come back to Danao to experience Suislide mylsef.

Leg 1 of the Suislide

Leg 2 of the Suislide

In addition to the Suislide, Danao Adventure Park also offers other activities including River Trekking, Rappelling, Caving and the Plunge. For more details on other available activities, check Danao Adventure Park's website (see below).

Danao Adventure Park
Danao, Bohol, Philippines
Tel: +63(38)415-0777 / +63(38)510-0033

How we went there (and back)
Danao Adventure Park is easily accessible from Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol, through rented vans or cars. An alternative point of origin is the port of Tubigon, where rented vans are also available for visitors. At present, it is nearly impossible to travel around through public transportation. A small group can hire a car with driver. For bigger groups, there are also vans available for rent. Rate varies depending on the number of destinations or duration of the trip.

I recommend our tourist driver, Mr. Roque Alo. You may contact him at 0948-606-2199 or 0932-140-9699 for quotations on your travel plans.

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