Cebu City: Pier 1

Cebu City is considered a tourism gateway to the Visayas and most part of Mindanao. This is the reason we decided to fly to Cebu City and take a ferry to Bohol, instead of taking a flight directly to Tagbilaran, the capital of the Province of Bohol.

From Cebu Mactan International Airport, we took a taxi to Cebu City Pier 1. After a 30-minute taxi ride, we found ourselves at the gates of the port. Cars are required to pay Php10.00 vehicle entrance fee.

Several shipping companies have their ticketing offices inside the port, there are a few with ticketing office outside the port complex. In our case, we had to buy our one-way fastcraft tickets for the Cebu-Tubigon route at Super Craft's ticketing office right outside the port complex.

Since I will be leaving Bohol ahead of the group the following morning, I though of inquiring at the Ocean Jet ticketing office if I could buy my return Tagbilaran-Cebu ticket in advance.

Fortunately, Ocean Jet allows advance ticketing. I purchased two tickets for the ferry that leaves Tagbilaran at 7:00am. Each ticket cost Php500.00. It was a great feeling of not having to worry about missing seats.

After going through security check, it's time to seat, relax and wait for the boarding.

How we went there (and back)
From Mactan International Airport, we took a taxi straight to Pier 1. Taxi fare cost Php180.00 (Php40.00 flag down rate). Going back to any point in Cebu City, Mandaue City of Lapu-Lapu City, one can easily get a taxi lined outside the Pier 1 gates. If you are going back to the airport, standard fixed rate fare is Php200.00. Don't agree to any amount higher than Php250.00.

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