Baguio City: Breakfast at Hill Station Restaurant

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet - Since 2010, we have always been curious about Hill Station Restaurant everytime we would pass in front of Casa Vallejo. This time, we finally took the time to check out what this restaurant has to offer for breakfast.

We arrived early in the morning in Baguio City at 6:00am. As we passed by Casa Vallejo, we asked the front desk what time the restaurant starts serving breakfast. The lady replied, "7:00am po sir." So we checked-in our bags at the nearby Bloomfield Hotel and went back to Hill Station.

From the lobby of Casa Vallejo, we were directed to the stairways leading to the restaurant. The interior of Hill Station has a colonial American feel, with its wooden floor, high ceiling, huge windows and pine trees at the background.

To celebrate the occasion, we ordered Baguio's very own version of longanisa. It was served with scrambled egg and garlic fried rice. And to jumpstart the day, we ordered Cordillera coffee.

Now, that is what we call breakfast.

Hill Station Restaurant
Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road
Baguio City
Telephone: 424 2734; 423 9100; 423 9558

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