Hot Spring Resorts of Itogon, Benguet

The town of Itogon, Benguet province is a famous weekend getaway destination among Baguio City residents because of its hot-spring resort. Itogon is primarily a mining town. Majority of its residents work for the mining companies. Hot springs of water were discovered in the Poblacion area prompting the enterprising locals to build hot spring resorts.

In Barangay Poblacion, visitors can choose among the many resorts concentrated along the river. We went to Mountain View Resort reachable by crossing a wooden bridge from the main road. The resort has three warm water swimming pools and a hot water tub. There are also cottages available for the guests.

Just beside the resort is a small waterfall where one can enjoy its swift flowing cold mountain water. Our favorite is soaking in the resort's hot water dipping tub as it really relieved the stresses of our feet, legs and lower back. Both the swimming pools and the hot tub get their source of water directly from the hot spring. Water temperature is then regulated by adding cold mountain water.

Being on a significant elevation above sea level, Itogon enjoys the same climate as Baguio City and it is such a great experience to dip in a warm water swimming pool with the cool mountain breeze blowing on your face. Note however that sunburn can occur more quickly when you are on a higher elevation, so don't forget to apply sunblock.

Mountain View Resort
Poblacion, Itogon, Benguet
Contact Number: 0920 675 7593
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How to get there from Baguio:

Take the jeep bound for Itogon at the terminal located at Rajah Soliman Street, beside Baguio Center Mall. Tell the driver to drop you off at the hotspring resorts at Barangay Poblacion. The jeep will leave as soon as it gets full (about 30mins waiting time). Travel will take 1hr.
How to get back to Baguio:

At the main road, there are jeeps bound for Baguio waiting for passangers coming from the resorts. The jeep will leave as soon as the next jeep arrives. It would pick up and drop-off passengers along the way. Travel time is 1hr.

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