Kamuntaha a Local Delicacy in Biri, Northern Samar

Kamuntaha, or mantis shrimp in English, is neither shrimp nor lobster, and definitely not a mantis. This crustacean is a delicacy in the island municipality of Biri, Northern Samar province, and typically cooked by Birianons by boiling them in Sprite with garlic. This simple dish is usually reserved for special occasions such as birthdays and baptisms.

Fresh Matis Shirmps

It was really a unique experience to sample this exotic dish right from where they are caught abundantly. It was just a chance when a local fisherman passed by Villa Amor where were staying and offered us his fresh catch of 10 live mantis shrimps for only PHP150.00.

Selling at P10.00-P15.00 each 

You would eat the kamuntaha the same way you would eat shrimps. The shell wasn't as tough as they look. The taste and texture of the meat is somewhat closer to lobster. It is best with vinegar and garlic as dip.

Matis Shrimps Cooked in Sprite and Garlic

If you will have the chance to visit Biri, you shouldn't miss sampling this dish. Back in Manila, we saw mantis shrimps being sold in supermarkets but they are extremely expensive, selling at P180.00 for every medium-size mantis shrimp.

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