Lavezares: Jeepney Ride from Catarman

The Ride
From Catarman Airport, we hired a tricycle (Php100.00) to bring us to Catarman town proper where we could take a jeepney then going to Allen, a town located on the extreme west side of the province of Northern Samar. These jeepneys pass through the town of Lavezares, our destination. On the way from the airport going to the town proper, we came across a half-filled jeepney bound for Allen. Our tricycle driver gave a sign to the jeepney driver to stop so we could transfer to the jeep. The fare was Php60.00 per passenger and the duration of the trip was one and a half (1.5) hours. The jeep would stop to pick-up or drop-off passengers.We got-off at the Lavezares town center, in front of the municipal hall and police station.

The Road
Allen-Catarman Road is in very good condition and is surprisingly better than most roads in Metro Manila. It is well maintained and there was hardly any potholes. The 46km road connects Northern Samar's provincial capital, Catarman, to its western port town of Allen.

The People
Each passenger tells a different story: a woman catching a ferry at the port of Allen, men going to work, merchants transporting their goods, a teenager visiting a friend in a neighboring town, and tourists heading to Biri Island (that would be me). One scene that grabbed my attention was a mother traveling with her child (see image above). It reminded me of my childhood when my mother used to bring me with her whenever she would travel to neighboring towns.

The Destination
Lavezares is a town located on the north-western side of the province of Northern Samar. It is the jump-off point to Biri Island.

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